Please add spliscreen coop


You guys are incredible game developers, and don’t game me wrong, the game is great, but its missing one or two things. My main point: I just wish you would add splitscreen coop up. Please add it in a update or future patch?

I love the game. I have two problems with it:

  1. Obviously the lack of content and desire to just charge people for new content is a problem, but it can be almost repaired by only one thing (which leads me to the second problem with TurtleRock’s Evolve):
    Splitscreen coop. Think about it TurtleRock- if you are playing with another person on the same screen, not only securing the most advanced form of communication and teamwork on a game that ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES it, every game you play is different. Every match is more interesting. You could play the same game type over and over again and its still fun, because you’re experiencing it alongside a friend or family member. Thus, the lack of content isn’t necessarily as noticeable.
    I’ve heard the problems with graphic capability when it comes to splitscreen, like how wildlife would be unable to hide properly, but in all honesty I don’t buy it. This is 2015- we’re playing this game on XboxOne’s and Playstation 4’s. You guys are incredible game creators, and you have the technology- you can definitely make the game allow 2 players to play on the same screen, and at the same time allow some wildlife to hide in a bush. I’m sure its a little more complicated than that, but come on, I believe in you. With today’s technology, you can do it.
    And even if two players on the same screen sacrifices some graphics, that’s fine. This game is DESTINED for splitscreen coop! The style of gameplay seemingly requires it! I would choose sitting and playing a great game like this one with a friend or family member ANYDAY over better graphics.
    So all I’m asking is to add a little more free content, and please god, add at least 2 player splitscreen coop (4 player would be incredible, but clearly you guys aren’t huge fans of splitscreen gaming). That would make the game so much better, so much interesting, and above all, so much more fun to play. I’m dying to sit down and play with my brother at the same time on our TV.
    Thank you TurtleRock developers, its a great game, its revolutionary, but please, PLEASE, add split screen coop!


This is not possible. The devs have been asked this many times. The graphics in Evolve are amazing and they would have to make severe graphic sacrifices for split-screen to work. Plus, to me, Evolve isn’t that kind of game. It didn’t happen with L4D and the game was still a blast. I highly doubt split-screen will ever happen.


Dude, the point i was making is that yes they can do it. The graphics are incredible, you’re right, so just add a completely separate splitscreen mode. Then, the original modes have the great graphics, and the splitscreen modes have the “severe graphic sacrifices” (which I doubt actually exist).
Its really not that complicated.
And by the way, Left 4 Dead 2 allowed split screen coop, and it was incredible. TurtleRock studios knows how to do it with Evolve.


they don’t do split screen so more people by the game. quote from one of the borderlands staff


I wish this wasn’t the nail in the coffin. All other issues can be overcome but why work so hard and spend so much doing something that makes you less money


Imagine you’re a painter. You make art. You take months or years getting everything right. Carefully, working hard, you create your masterpiece. And then someone comes up and says “I want you to paint two paintings at the same time, with your left hand painting the left one and your right hand painting the right one. It’s not that hard.”

Yes it fucking is.

Just become some skills overlap doesn’t mean it’s the same thing. It involves doing something significantly more complex and if you didn’t start building the game with that in mind, it becomes insanely more difficult.


I have to say, the painting analogy makes absolutely no sense. That’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard- there is no relation between the two things. Thanks though.

The second part is accurate, but that’s what makes a game great. The ability to do difficult things well. TurtleRock can do it, they just don’t want to.


The point is coding a game is complex and takes time and devotion, just like Rembrandt devoted his life. And now you’re asking Rembrandt to be da Vinci.


To be honest… I’m all for the idea of adding split screen: a feature I wish they had previously added, but as to them adding it now or sometime in the future, I completely doubt it.


Next game, definitely. When they’re building the base game again, instead of having all the conventions in the code and they can start fresh. But it has to be there from the start, and not tacked on.


When you say “next game” do you mean like an Evolve 2? Couldn’t they just add on to the first instead of releasing a sequel. Sorry for asking such a lame question. :smiley:


In relation to my art analogy, now improved. Basically what it involves (from a dev perspective) is you want a painting on a silk screen, but they did it on canvas. You can change the colors, the painting itself, but you can’t change what it’s built on without doing an absurd amount of work. Technically it’s possible to take the painting off the canvas and move it onto the silk screen, but it’s easier to start again and do it over instead.

Edit: Starting again would be building evolve 2


The Devs have literally said split screen was not an option.


Ah cool. I hadn’t seen that yet…


I believe MacMan said it because a guy was complaining about it in an older thread.


And when you nerf graphical things you can inadvertently give those players an advantage.

I remember seeing people config files for Quake III back in the day. Damned near every option was shut off that could be shut off and running at 640x480 to get insane FPS.


Guess you don’t understand how graphics processing works then lmao, because then you would understand it DOES exist and it is a problem. Same reasons why mirrors are a big deal in video games. You actually have to render the same scene twice effectively making the gpu work twice as hard (which it can’t do).

Basically your wrong and it’s not an easy thing to add lol.


In short, this is magic and magic has rules and he’s trying to break magic.


Can’t break magic bro lol.


God dammit man what is it with you and your analogies that just don’t make sense hahahaha