Please add "random" to solo mode


Occasionally I play solo mode and it would be really nice if there was an option to select random hunters, monster, map, and map effects. Just a small thing that would make it a bit nicer :smile:


I think what we really need is an option to randomize maps in custom games. They’ve added rotating monster, complete that with removing the need to back out after every game to play something different and we’re good.

@MacMan, any ideas/future plans for that? Round Robin is great, but the option for random maps would make playing custom games 10/10 perfect.


Ive been asking for randomized maps for customs for months. This is the number one thing im hoping for out of the next title update. @MacMan if you could confirm this is coming soon or give any info on if this is even on your to do list you would make my entire month!


i agree, i host custom games for my friends, and its so annoying the way i have to spice things up and get it to be random, i always have to ask them a number and then we go about it like that, also that means going back like 3 menu’s then changing map etc, then doing it the next game, it all gets so dull and repetative a random button would be absolutely perfect.