Please add option by Pause when disconnecting Player

Please add in ranked games.
When disconnect player from the game
Pause game for at least 3-5min that the player could return.
The custom game against bots can use Pause Stop.
Something also needs to be recast and incorporated into ranked matches
Necessary, no one wants to play with bots or win solely on the ground that the player undesirably disconnect games because of game errors / or server disconnect?
We want to play the valorisation of matches at a high level.

No thanks. More pause time than game time… Lol, so important are ranked games hardly that they valid this drastic stuff.
Besides, there is no reconnect button.

There should be a pause function in custom games however, for tournament purposes.

I search hunters many times for 10 or more minutes
start game after start match game disconnect =
Hunter team win …
10 min waste time …
unfairly win for hunters and same for monsters…

And anyway Overall, the match also should be counted without a Win

Lossing - rage quit -no win for monster/hunters
yeah good idea…

do not throw everything into one bag

Do you have a solution for a non abuseable mechanic?

The Devs have long-term plans to create their own matchmaking service, and this will take a while but will allow them more freedom to do things like add a rejoin/reconnect option:

The ranked game wouldn’t pause though, that will never happen because it will ruin players’ experience.