Please add more Gamepad-Settings (Console and PC)


first of all you created a very nice game. Shame to all DLC-Haters.

I play on PS4 but i miss some very important settings for the gamepad. At least we can disable auto aim and adjust the sensivity. Thanks for that :smiley:

But I need more settings, too. Here are my settings I wish to adjust in the game:

  • Deadzone (This is the zone when the sticks starts to grab your inputs) - It feels now set about 20% - 25% - This is to big I need more control-space. Games like Battlefield starts at 15% - 18% this is a good practice. Please make it adjustable.

  • Acceleration (Please make it adjustable so I can decide how strong I need it, Maybe disable it complete. No one can be good with gamepad if you dont have a constant speed)

  • Sensivity - (Please increase the maximum)

This are the Main-Settings I need to adjust but it gives much more. For Example Games with the Source-Engine have much adjustable settings please have a look here:
I will be very happy if some of that configurations are coming to console and pc.
Thank you very much for reading my broken english, have a nice day :wink:


I want more customizable controls. I want to be able to keep the monster settings as is but change the evolve triggers to the d-pad so I will quit accidently eat my after evolve meal because its real easy to do that when its the same button as evolve.

Why can’t we set our own controls?

I agree, I want to be able to customize controller dead zone. My Xbox 360 controllers tend to get slightly bent in one direction just a little, and it’s hard to play if the game isn’t able to forgive this.

Please TRS hear us and add more Gamepad-Options. Deadzone and Acceleration would be awesome to adjust.

@MaddCow Can you please edit the category to “Suggestions”?. Cant edit it by myself, the post is too old.

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