Please add LAN, im the only one of my friends that is a pc gamer


the game is now free2play, i know but i am the only one of my friends that is a pc gamer, none of them have steam and none of them want it, they dont have over powered computers like i do, but they want to play this game with me.

please implement LAN where i can install this game on each computer using my steam account and host a game VIA LAN in offline mode. there are tons of RECENT games that are not free2play that have this exact feature i am talking about i will name a few that i own and play:
borderlands (entire series)
dying light
dead island (entire series)
dino d-day
left 4 dead 1 and 2
and so many more, all these game got great sale statistics. this game is no longer worried about that as it is free2play.

so please do this for the fans out there that have requested it on steam forums and here on these forums.

i want to add that i legitimately bought this game before it was free2play, i pre-ordered it for 80bucks with some of the dlc. i will provide any proof needed, just let me know what i need, but please do this!.


I can play evolve on a 4 year old alienware laptop at 30fps… you don’t need an overpowered machine to play!

That said, once upon a time @MacMan said that they were looking in to Lan on PC, but that may have got shelved a long time ago too.


I literally have a potato- an old potato- and on the “minimum” preset, I get about 55 FPS on average. And the graphics are still pretty nice.

Tell them unless they have like a 400 dollar tablet laptop or something, performance really won’t be an issue.


my friends do not have gaming computers at all. they are not interesting in creating an account they’d never use.

basically you guys are telling me this game will run on a single core cpu, less than 1gb of ram, integrated intel graphics? no, it will not run on their computers lol.

i am requesting LAN, tons of other people both on here and on steam have requested the same thing. i build computers and own more than 10 for this exact reason. i have no use for 4 other accounts that i’ll forget the info to and need 4 other emails that i dont have, to create. my friends have no need for a steam account as they cant really run games on their computers, maybe old old old 2d games, that’s about it.

at this point there is nothing wrong with adding LAN (there wasn’t before either), shouldn’t be worried about pirates, not to mention i am a guy who legitimately bought this game expecting LAN, i mean i read the same team that worked on l4d was on this so…l4d = GOOD LAN, i figured this would too.

EDIT: i guess i should add my friends are console gamers…xbox 360 and earlier systems.


Umm… LAN exists… IN customs, you can turn off "Prefer Dedicated Server"
That will make it Lan… I mean, you MAY have to have multiple steam accounts… Which are free…
And will track their progress… You could also create multiple steam accounts for “smurphing” or testing purposes… That’s what most of us do…

My Lowest Spec PC that can run evolve at 30 FPS.
Dual Core E9 Series. Intel
HD 5500 GPU
1 GB Ram.
Current Value: $100ish


Guess I got ripped off then lol.


Check ur settings, and turn your Anti-Aliasing to NONE.

That makes a huge difference… Just make sure everything is set to the Lowest option :slight_smile:


20 fps :frowning:

It’s playable, but not exactly comfortable.