Please add a way to upgrade to Monster Race Edition on Steam!


Hey guys, I received Evolve as a gift on Steam shortly after the Alpha ended and there is currently no way I can upgrade my copy to the Monster Race Edition. The only way this will be possible is if an upgrade option gets added to Steam. Please 2K/TRS make it happen! Thanks. :slight_smile: /loved the Beta and don’t want to miss out on all the extra content.

[STEAM] Is the game upgradable?

Hmmm it was a gift? ;/

There are ways to cancel your pre-order and then order the new pack you want but i don’t know how to do it if its a gift :confused:
Especially if you have added the gift in your library


I did cancel normal preorder and preordered Monster edition myself on steam, but I get people who are unable to cancel their redeemed copy on steam, because it was bought from another sites (g2a etc…) - which was redeemed in a form of a gift. Frankly, I am baffled why wasn’t upgrade introduced in a first place along with Deluxe and Monster editions, I am sorry, but there is no excuse to force people cancel preorder and order different version again, if they don’t wanna end up with two copies. This is a mess made from publisher’s side I guess?


Well I sent Steam Support a message and will see what they say about it.


I actually did something similar. I quickly Preordered the game on Steam after the Big Alpha without knowledge they were releasing different options for the game. I put in a ticket and it was responded to a week later.

All you have to do is go into your Account (in a web browser, not the Steam API itself). There is a tab called “Account History” with a Purchase History in it. For unreleased games, you are able to simply click the “Refund Item” button on the entry and it will credit your Steam Wallet with the amount. I then purchased the PC Monster Race Edition.


I second this. My husband preordered the game in October, before the tiers were available. The game was not a gift, and he is unable to cancel his preorder via the “normal steam methods.” The option simply is not there. He can cancel Dying Light, but not Evolve. We have contacted Valve and Valve states that they will not help him, they believe that his time in the Beta is time spent in the “real game” and have remained unhelpful. Contacting 2k did not get us anywhere, either. They basically told us “That sucks” and told us to head to their forums and the Steam forums – Like that would be of any help.

Edit: He did not preorder from a third party website, he preordered directly from Steam, adding to more confusion as to why his preorder cannot be cancelled.


He can’t do that because the game was a gift which he accepted and have in his library.He wasn’t the one who bought it.And i think transaction list wont work from the one who sent the gift because the gift is already redeemable


For people who actually got (read bought) Evolve (standard edition) through steam and want Master race edition, there is simple guide how to do it, it takes one minute.


Unfortunately I cannot request a refund for a gift. Also Steam won’t even let me buy the Monster Race Edition because it says I already own part of it and I would be buying it as a gift for someone else instead. xD What a mess.


Samyaza, this is not always possible. I took these screenshots today to link on Reddit.

Here is his store page, offering a refund link for Dying Light:

Here is a bit further down, showing Evolve with no refund link:

The game was purchased through steam. It was not a gift. It was not purchased via third party.


Yeah, I am one of those who traded for the game and now I can’t refund and I can’t upgrade either. I’d appreciate if this was fixed.


My husband was finally able to get a refund. He had to provide screenshots to Steam support that he was unable to manually cancel his preorder. All is good now. Unfortunately this does not work for people who were gifted the game or obtained it via other means, but it’s a start and hopefully they will still add an upgrade option for peole who are still affected.


Please can someone from TRS acknowledge this issue?


Got a response from Steam support:

No Monster Race Edition for me then. :frowning: I guess that’s what you get for believing in the devs and putting your money into the game a few months in advance.


Since i’m not sure how this all works.Is it hard for TRS to add in steam the bonuses for 40$ more?I mean a button which lets you buy all the bonuses without the full game.That button will exist until the last day before evolve ships.Then it will be removed.


This has nothing to do with TRS, it’s only about Steam policy.


Question, I preordered the game a while back and was wondering do I HAVE to buy the Evolve PC Monster Race deal to get access whats offered in it or will I be able to buy the monster and hunters at a later date?


You will be able to get the things offered by the PC monster race but it will be more expensive than if you got the bundle.


Yeh but I don’t get the exclusives 30 days early. :frowning:


All things offered in the Monster Race will be available for purchase with the exception of the skins which are temporarily exclusive to the Monster Race edition. They will be released at a later date to those who wish to purchase them. You will have access to all the hunters & monsters we do in the cash shop.