Please add a mvm game mode


This is more of a gameplay type topic but can you guys add a monster vs monster mode in the game and splitscreen


A pipe dream. It would take a full blown sequel to create Monster V Monster combat, and splitscreen is something thats too straining to make function in a game of this caliber right now.

Monster V Monster would require its own balancing and a piss load of animations for each monster to look like anything beyond a bad turn based beat em up.


Would love it if they did, but I suspect those would both be very difficult to add, if not almost impossible concerning split screen.


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Dunno about that, Don’t ya think itll be to easy for kraken to just fly above wraith or goliath and kill em from the sky. Even if there is no kraken in the game itll just be a lot mashing right trigger/left mouse key and slapping eachother with no impact.


they would need to add unique grapple animations to do it properly.