Please add a mute option when finding hunters

No I cannot, maybe on second

I’m not an expert on PS4 functionality, so I can’t answer your questions here, I will ensure this is logged though.


No I can’t USB Only. See what it is that there is this box thingy. From the box thingy, there is a cable (USB) that connects to the ps4. Then there is another cable the goes into the TV. That cable is the one that I need an adapter for. I just took the cable out of the box and plugged it into the ps4 controller. the option for adjust volume was available but NO SOUND :frowning:

And that, my friends, is why we buy Astros :smiley:

I want astros :frowning:

Really badly

'Twas me that did that according to edits. :wink:

I used to have an afterglow like that before the speaker gave out 3 months later. Mine came with an adaption wire to hook up to a headphone jack, but I couldn’t use mine cause PS3 doesn’t have that option.

I like the controller to be free with no wires on it when I play. Its just this weird feeling i get if the wire touches me.

weird i know

Not as weird as this:
But I do believe that that is the only way to fix your gray problem.

HAhahahah… cant wait for americas got talent today

Plug a mic in then and put it down on the table or something. When there’s no mic in the voice comes through your speakers

Wait, what?

Plug. A. Mic. In.

Oh, my bad, lol :smile:

This is true but the thing is I’m intentionally playing it through my TV speakers with no headset whatsoever.

Well, then I don’t know what to say. lol.

Yeah, I can get pretty old-school sometimes, lol.


Yes! Thank you! It’s crazy that I get bounced in and out of the class select screen for several minutes and on top of that, there’s one or more d-bags with feedback, music or other obnoxious things, but I can’t mute them until we find a monster? Christ, that’s annoying.

Edit: I will say, if you want to chat with your friends and mute other people, use party chat. It’s SO much better than in game.

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