Please add a Kick Option


Just had a round where the medic joined in as Val, decided the game way too hard, commited suicide twice and then sat in a corner of the map repeating GG and telling our hunter team how much we suck. After telling us about his glorious 600 hour 1 trillion to nothing win streak, he tells us a long backstory about why we all suck and how TRS is stealing our money with this terrible game he had just said he has 600 hours in. We all die after a final stand without a medic and he preceeds to rage against the monster about how the only reason he won was because of how terrible the game is and favored towards him. I quit the first round of the session and proceed to quit the game, deciding I don’t want to play with such douche people and go to complain on forums.

Simply put, I really want the option to kick a hunter from the team. Make it require two or three votes, but it’s just infuriating. This isn’t the first time but it’s the only time I genuinely was just done with the game because I didn’t want to get in a match with said individual.


Vote to kick would be abused if it were added though…


PC sounds…frustrating


I didn’t see him say anything about the PC, only the game…


Suck you ran into a troll but I still say no. People often abuse such features. Nothing like joining in some Left 4 Dead and being kicked for no reason.


Rrrr…I thought he was playing on PC…Nevermind!


I am torn on vote to kick. I can just see so many people getting kicked for almost nothing. I mean in L4D this was a huge problem. You mess up one little thing, and then you get kicked.


There is no solution. If there would be a kick - there will be voting trolls or people who blindly press f1. If there is no vote - there is playing trolls. This is humanity.


Better without the option imo. Won’t have to worry about kicks. If you get a troll, ReQ in my opinion.


Perhaps there might be an option to avoid players? I’ve exited game for a while then rejoined 4 times, got stuck with the same guy. One round he was actually playing, then he got monster and just roll spammed as behemoth. The next round he stood in a corner and let the wraith kill him because apparently wraith is to overpowered to be worth fighting.

It’s just so infuriating. I want to have a nice match with cool guys, I don’t want some dude complaining every half a second about how much we all suck or why his 600 hours of gameplay make him better than us or have a team mate who suicides instead of fighting.