Please actually Nerf Sunny

doesnt change the fact you still need to deal with the drone 24/7 because she still poops out a other drone on the other side of the dome.

And what if you hit a hunter with a heavy attack? you again have to hit that stupid thing 3 times, meanwhile getting shit on by the hunters, and sunny just sets a other drone down…

god damn, dont you guys get it…
People defending this stupid hunter r people who dont play monster at

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They knew she needed a nerf but its a matter of approach, the capacity reduction could be what it needed or if that does not work then the only other option is to limit the speed while boosted, purely make it an extension of the receiving hunter’s jetpack.

Again though, the masses need to be able to test it to see if that’s the right choice or not, can you really complain about 30% reduction though? that’s huge. It’s basically taking away 1 extra boost for getting a dome, going to be seeing a lot more awkward domes. I’m sure someone has a general estimate of how far 1 boost can get you in meters and when you need to be within 60 of a monster max range it should show how much power each individual boost is.

I’m keeping an eye on this thread. This is your only warning. Keep it civil or I’ll shut it down, thanks.


the shield drone was never a problem for me. it was the JPB that was an issue SOMETIMES. it always felt like it gave 1 extra boost than it should of. and now it’s being dealt with because they were able to fix the hard-coded problem with it.

then kill support first

I play monster and hunter. both in silver 3. so DONT ASSUME other’s dont know what they’re talking about either.

we got ourselves a ref to keep it under wraps too! :stuck_out_tongue:


i said deploy time not charge time, it takes 8 seconds for the drone to have the same capacity of hank shield booster, the problem is that as a monster you need to costantly destroy it because if the drone is up it’s costantly gonna shield and fuck up your kills while also having to endure her retarded jetpack booster.

I do play Monster. In fact, I’m bad at it, so naturally, one would think I hate the Drone. I really don’t. It’s not a nuisance because it has easy counters. I move away from it anyways. I am willing to take three seconds of my time after swatting Assault away to make my life easier by killing the Drone.

I’m not defending the character, I’m glad she’s getting nerfed. I’m saying that a part of her kit that isn’t broken doesn’t need fixed.

no trashtalk intended but there isnt one good monster player who doesnt think the drone is pure bs, start playng monster against high silver or gold teams and then come back here and tell me you dont think it’s broken as hell.

sunny is a permaban in every tournament game for a reason and that is not gonna change until the drone doesnt get some real counterplay


I would also like to bring this to light

I’m sure you remember this from a previous thread teasing some potential changes, things TRS are trying out to assist with some of these frustrations. Like you Chip, I also main monster so I know what its like to backhand the assault behind you when you are trying to melee the corpse in front of you so the cloaked Laz can’t use glove.

It may not be confirmed and it could just get reverted back to how it is now, but if this is a legit change, the current 3 hit drones with maybe 1-2 extra because (reasons for things not hitting) will end up being 2 hits…minimum…no praying you melee the direction you intend to, full control of your character.

That’s just not true. When I use Sunny, the only thing that gets complaints is the Booster. I also play with good Monsters pretty regularly and not a single one of them has an issue. They all do the same thing: Move away.

This is because she’s got a ridiculously powerful Booster.

It does have counters. Move or kill it. Really simple to move because you’re mitigating anyways (or you should be).

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Only a behemoth, or stage 3 kraken- which lets be honest, is irrelevant, will be capable of doing this.

As for the topic itself- I do believe these changes will go a long way to “balancing” her- But i do agree that her drone could use a deploy time- Even if it was just 1-2 seconds, and had that time directly removed from the initial start up of the drone (So in play it takes as long as it does now to shield someone).

I feel sunny benefits far, FAR too much from her own drone. While being focused she can toss the drone to the side, and out of the way of the monster- Giving the monster either a brief 8 second window to secure the down (which is far easier said than done), or be forced to shift focus on the drone. EVERY single time they commit to her. NO support benefits this frequently from their own kit. Bucket can kite around his sentries to get in some extra damage, cabot, again, can amp to get in some extra damage. Hank can orbital himself, once- and then hes relying on his cloak. Sunny? Drone after drone after drone after drone.

Even if this is viewed as “balanced”, its a frustrating “mechanic” to have to deal with over and over and over again- and im all for getting that changed. I feel you should be fighting and countering the hunters, not the shit theyre spamming on the ground.

The ONLY monster that sunny isnt/shouldnt be frustrating for is Kraken. Sunny is pretty fair and straight forward for kraken to fight. Shell be tough, but fair, and her drone- due to his ability to remove it easily (while still requiring focus) is far less frustrating to deal with. This should be how it is for EVERY monster.


I’ve played against and beaten enough high silver and gold teams and I don’t think it’s broken as hell.


Gorgon also does not have as much of a problem with sunny as a whole, let alone the drone. Can’t boost the guy webbed otherwise you burn the entire booster, spider trap constricting damage can also force it to target that person if they are in line of sight and continue to do so.

I still don’t see how adding setup/deploy time will help, only thing I can think of is adding a minimum lock on time if it does shield someone, for example flame breath hitting sunny and maggie, it starts with maggie but X amount of seconds later it will be able to target the next person who took damage instead of it constantly spamming anyone in line of sight who took recent dmg.

im sorry but that is true, a monster player who think sunny is not stupid right now it’s downright trolling or just lyng to you, there is no other reason on earth you should ever consider picking cabot hank or bucket as long as you have her, the booster is powerful but that’s her pronto ability for “oh shit” situations, the drone however is a deployable and a costant hassle for the monster to deal with , you destroy the drone? who gives a damn, now there is another drone and you have to destroy it as well while the assault is eating you alive and you are wasting precious armor to inflict no real damage to the hunters.

all of the nerfs that sunny is receiving are frankly pointless and can be eaisily swapped with a cooldown on the drone or a deploy time so that if she is getting focussed she cant just spam it as much as she wants.

at the moment sunny excels at hunting the monster and giving to the entire team a double boost in survivability and since the drone is a deployable she has a free pass to spam you with mininukes effectively shielding your target while also nuking the crap out of you.

at his core the problem with sunny is that she does everything with no weakness

hank is a defensive support with no real tool to aid in chasing the monster

cabot is an offensive support that focusses more on huntin down the monster and has to expose himself to use the damage amplifier

bucket has a very time consuming tool to locate the monster and area control

meanwhile we have sunny that can make the assault and the trapper stay on your butt the whole game while sitting on a ledge chewing bubble gums, while she damages you and shields the hunters at the same time, and should you even get close to get a kill she can simply use her booster to screw up your attempt at getting a strike.

you can lower her numbers as much as you want the nature of her kit is still gonna turn out broken unless it’s changed.

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Well, arguing my point is useless. I can see that, now. You’re not one to budge on their views. So I’ll just leave with these:

-I don’t have any issue with it.
-I know several people with no problem whatsoever, regardless of what you say or believe.
-It does not impose on every single player and not everyone shares your opinion.
-It does have counters, despite your (or anyone else’s) ability to see them.


Ill agree that gorgon can work around the drone a bit easier than the other monsters as well. Her acid spit lets her easily remove it, while still having enough left over to get the hunters. And like you said- the jet pack booster can help negate that booster big time. I think the numbers need some work, but in theory, she could be very balanced against sunny. I think its gorgons other current short-comings that hold her back at a high level within the context of the other hunters- But shes ALMOST there. Im anxious to see where she goes :smiley:

Because itd hopefully give the monsters (the other monsters) a more viable counter to the drone. For the other monsters within pratice the only viable counter to the drone is to waste abilities on it (even for gorgon this is relatively true). If you focus sunny, and then try to melee the thing down- Currently, it can take as many as 4 light hits. Shell be long gone by the time you finish, and youll have gotten the snot punished out of you. Even with the upcoming changes, it can still be as many as 3 melees- Which will be even MORE likely to happen if youre trying to focus sunny, because chances are your heavy will be on cooldown from going after sunny in the first place.

Leaving you the only real option (again, unless kraken), to use an ability on it- Which basically means it did the job of a shield anyways and keeps 1 ability on cooldown.

I just feel the drone is “too strong for herself” considering how easily she can keep popping them out instantly- And imo is the mechanic that most needs addressed. This one thing alone i believe would go a long, LONG way towards making her feel far more “fair” to go up against.

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just because you dont have an issue with it it doesnt mean it’s not a problem

competitive play is broken right now both in tournaments and on higher levels because of sunny and i explained you why your arguments about her counterplay make downright no sense

sayng that sunny drone can be countered because it can get destroyed it’s like sayng that the monster can die because you can damage him.

an insta deploy with no cooldown or drawbacks that costantly forces the monster to stop committing because with the drone it’s impossible to do anything is just an ungodly stupid design decision combine that with her jetpack booster, and you have recipe for absolute bullshit when fighting in domes or at the relay.

and the facts prove that im right, sunny is a permaban in every tournament game and that is not even an exageration, SHE IS LITERALLY BANNED IN EVERY SINGLE GAME, you cant base your points on the fact that you disagree alone.

in the case she doesnt get the changes that chip is proposing im gonna save this post for when she is still gonna be a broken character even after the nerfs.

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Sunny is definitely the most powerful Support, no question. Just like Caira was. What did it take to knock Caira off that perch again? a 2m radius decrease on grenades and global changes to the capacity perk. It’s not like huge things are needed to stop characters that rule the roost becoming much more balanced.


caira was strong but never without counterplay, she just had very good healing and a speed boost with a considerable cooldown, caira is stilll good the problem is that caira specializes in aoe helaing and good hunters always spread up so single target healing is more relevant, val has higher single target healing than val, her med gun is more precise and has longer range, and top of that she is the only medic with a crowd control and has a damage amplifier as well.

In fairness i think the majority of competitive players were running reload anyways for caira vs reload. Id have to check but i think overall healing when factoring in heal bursts was better with reload- With an important distinction being how much more self healing reload gave her. Theres also something to be said about the “burst” potential of reload, which makes everything more or less time very well with monster abilities. Let hank block some damage, then tank/reheal the remaining damage in a burst- Wash/rinse/repeat.

Aside from setting one up way in advance it can be a dead ability if you gimp it too hard from a time aspect, time being set up time, recharge time, etc. Thing is it doesn’t prevent the damage, only prevents subsequent damage on same target.

I think about it this way, forget the fact hank has to be on shields in order to shield and she doesn’t for a second. Both have the same shield capacity and to my understanding the same recharge (correct me if I’m wrong on the recharge).

Usually there’s 2 ways to deal with hank shields, either kill hank or burst through his shield as it’s on demand and he can drop it sooner to start the recharge sooner if he so pleases and for the most part, both are extremely viable though killing hank is the preferred choice, especially early on if you don’t have the points to get through his shield to your focus target.

Sunny shields can be treated the exact same way, you can burn through the shield and force the recharge delay or sit on sunny and most monsters are able to cleave the drone down as she places it if you do happen to focus her, wraith probably has the hardest time doing this though as warp blast is the only reliable way of instantly cleaving sunny and the drone in a 1 shot.

The booster however gives the drone the time it needs to recharge or set up but with the nerf to capacity we may see drone shield drain faster/shield less. But who knows, need to wait till patch comes out to see how it will affect her.