Please actually Nerf Sunny

Rock Throw’s level has a lot to do with how dodgeable it is. Trying to jump over Fissure is a waste of fuel, you should always strafe dodge it. Some abilities are easier to dodge than others, I agree with that. I was only saying that some can also easily compensate for boosted hunters.

One traversal charge is 30% of 100%. Not 2/3.

Everything you said here was false. Wraith can still force air heavies. Kraken can still force air heavies (although most players don’t know how). Behemoth’s ability to force heavies is still part of his traversal. I do not understand why you say things like this to me.

1 sunny boost is enough to avoid it.

and outside of point blank you can still dodge it with one boost if you are too close she can boost you out of there and then you can use one boost to avoid it. And the easily compensated abilities require 2 boosts? Still no tumble and as a bonus a free repositioning.

And this is the kind of shit that pisses me off with TRS. They say they want to make things simpler remove hidden things and then you find out nope still plenty of hidden things. Anyways you use 2/3 of the traversals you can immediately activate to destroy one drone. You’re still using 60% of your traversals instead of 66%.

mmmm nope? They removed that because of stun locking.

So uh what was that about wraith forcing heavy attacks?

From the ground without other expenditure? No it is not.

Not following your logic here. Why would using more traversals destroy the drone?

Yes, rock throw is super dodgable. Not arguing that point. I am saying if the monster predicts the dodge and has a high level rock they can still hit.

Absolutely not true. They removed the ability to infinite air heavy when airborne. You can still force air heavies by traversing into the air. If you do not understand the basics of monster melee, I’m not sure why you are debating this point. Your ignorance of this topic seems comprehensive.

You did not understand this patch note. Melee monster stamina now applies in the air. That is true. Heavies can still be forced in the air, meaning you can force air heavies on inanimate objects like the drone. Everything you said in that previous post was absolutely false.

You use 1 traversal to get there 1 traversal to get back or you walk to the drone which would be beyond stupid or you use an ability.

And I’m saying unless they’re point blank the hunter can afford to wait for the rock to be thrown to dodge it and only use one boost to avoid it. If they’re point blank when the monster goes for the rock you use two boosts one to get distance the second to avoid the rock.

can you please read the italicized part since you didn’t read that portion the first time.

can this please be taken into a PM or something? it may pretain to the subject but seems to be pushing the conversation in the wrong direction


Ok… It sounds like we both understand this interaction. Rock can definitely be dodged with booster and it’s fairly easy to do. The Goliath can still hit because of how fast it is, but range is important, etc… Not much else to say here.

I know that you’re probably just doing this to waste my time. When I get chance this afternoon I’ll make videos to prove everything you said here incorrect. Or you could just go in the game, use a traversal to get into the air (or in behemoths case just ball form) and left click.

Barely makes any difference. Even if you do traversal there and hit it with a heavy if it’s off cooldown and then you hit it with one more light melee that’s far too much time and resources to then just see another one pop up. I can see them releasing her like this but now that we can see where the problems lie, to leave the drone virtually unchanged is a very strange choice.

I just played as wraith and traversals do not force a heavy. This may work for goliath or behemoth but it does not work for wraith.

I also played as behemoth and no the traversal did not auto trigger a heavy.

If you want I can even supply a video of me using a heavy then using a traversal and not getting a heavy.

It’s the same for goliath

Traversals are part of the stamina system now. They only force heavies if you have stamina, but they do still force heavies. I’m saying that if you have stamina you can force heavies with traversal. You originally said:

They can still force them, just not without stamina. You do understand that a monster cannot heavy attack a non-living target, correct?

I know it is but I don’t play goliath and I don’t feel like making 3 videos and uploading them to youtube just to prove @white_hawke8 wrong

And you’re wrong but you can keep saying that all you want just like I can say the sky is magenta and tastes like wine.

Yep and i got a video of a heavy attack on a hunter and then a traversal and whoops no heavy melee. Did the same with behemoth but against wildlife.

Make them. We live in the same version of reality. I will do it in ~3 hours when time allows otherwise.

It sounds like you attacked before you had stamina.

I don’t think you understand what forcing a heavy melee is. It’s when you do something to ensure that melee is a heavy like behemoth’s old roll spam or wraiths traversal. If you’re saying wait 3 seconds then you’re not forcing a heavy melee you’re waiting out the timer between heavy melees. You used to be able to force heavy melees as wraith by using a traversal and then meleeing the hunter this does not work any more.

We are talking in a thread about Sunny. Sunny has a drone. This is topic we are discussing, yes? Have you noticed how the drone is not a hunter, but instead an unliving deployable? You cannot heavy attack non-living targets without using traversals. What if you could hit the drone with a heavy though? (Spoiler: that’s what we’ve been talking about the whole time)

YOU CAN! If you use a traversal you can force a heavy attack on a non-living target.

You can heavy melee anything that takes health damage you can’t heavy melee empty air I’ve heavy meleed drone/sentry guns without having to use a traversal.

Wrong. That is not how the contextual combat system works. You cannot heavy non-living targets unless there is a living target standing beside them (such as a hunter or even wildlife like a glaciopod). You must use a traversal to heavy melee a non-living target. You do not understand this topic.

I’ve made a video to illustrate my point. You know that the Wraith’s melee stamina regenerates every 3 seconds, correct? We agree that if the Wraith has not used a melee attack in the last 3 seconds that the next attack should be a heavy, right? Since we know those things are true, explain the following scenario:

I am Stage 3 Wraith. Bucket has place a sentry gun and is now dead, with Val being the only remaining bot in this arena. From the start of the video to the point I attack the sentry there is approximately ~8 seconds. This is over twice the amount of time required to charge heavy stamina. I move to the sentry and purposefully stop moving before the attack so that I do not force a light attack. I hit for 99 damage, because I hit with a light attack. The sentry has 130 hit points, leaving it at 31 hit points remaining. If I had hit with a heavy attack I would have hit for 248 damage and instantly destroyed the sentry. You can see the I did not miss the sentry, because it does light on fire to show that it was damage by my first attack. If monsters use their heavy melees against non-living targets as you say, why did this happen?

I’m not sure you realize that I’m simply stating what is possible and impossible within the game, I am aware of the fact that variables exist but I could start an entire new thread just giving examples of any specific scenario that could happen when two or more different mechanics are interacting with each other but the list would be endless.

The reason I brought that up to begin with is because you provided a specific example to a specific scenario that allows that to happen, I simply provided an example for how that could also go the other way, that’s what variables are, there’s so many different things that can happen.

Take it with a grain of sand and please understand unless it’s mandatory to provide a specific example I’ll usually just keep it to what the limitations of the mechanics are and leave out all the variables.

I didn’t provide a specific example or a specific scenario. I said 1 dodge can avoid 1 ability. RT can be aimed but it can also be dodged after it has been thrown. Many abilities can be dodged easily by waiting for the ability to have been launched provided they aren’t at point blank. I was comparing best case scenarios. Best case scenario Hank blocks 1 RT and it’s immediately emptied, best case scenario for Sunny the hunter dodges an ability with one boost out of 4 and is now farther away.

@white_hawke8 I guess I’ve been heavy meleeing grubs then or something?