Please actually Nerf Sunny


No bandage nerf, just actually balance her.

There is NO reason for an instant deploy drone in a kit like hers.

It makes 0 sense from a design perspective and gives no counterplay.

Why is TRS so opposed to actually CHANGING things in a way that reduces frustration?

Make the drone a deployable channeled like Laz’s revive and so much frustration and bullshit is gone. Take the channel time off the charge time. It now has counterplay and can only be place in locations where sunny can stand long enough to deploy. Seems like it would solve all problems without even the need to directly nerf it, just offer counterplay to it.

Monsters, what are your thoughts on Sunny in her current state?

Uh. They are actually going to balance her in the next patch so yeah.


They’re nerfing her next patch though…



Or give it a cooldown after the drone is destroyed so she cant deploy it for 15 seconds r so …
Its just so stupid, havin to deal with the insta drones, spending all your abilities on it because it wont die 4 to 5 melee hits. etc etc




  • Jetpack Booster capacity reduced from 100 to 70
  • Jetpack Booster velocity boost reduced to 40%
  • Drone health reduced from 300 to 250
  • Nuke damage reduced from 175 to 165


no,no they’re not. it’s not even close to what’s needed to balance her


how do you know? have you play post-nerf sunny?

i dont think so.


I am all for trying it out however they aren’t addressing any of the actual issues…except maybe the booster capacity nerf but tbh that ability just needs re-worked entirely (IMO)


Wait for the patch then make a thread about how you still find her frustrating but I feel you would still get frustrated at it unless the changes were more around what you consider balance.


what are the actual issues IYO then?


it’s a simple matter of logic, sunny problem is not in the numbers but on the nature of her kit

who gives a damn if the health of the drone is reduced if she can istantly redeploy it with no cooldown?

that thing needs either a 2 seconds deploy time or a freaking cooldown, the problem with sunny is that she has no counterplay, playng monster is gonna be a frustrating mess every game you fight her, because your are forced to costantly destroy a drone with no cooldown or deploy time. 50 less health matter nothing 250 health means that you have to commit an ability or several autoattacks to destroy it anyway.


I don’t get why so many people hate the drone. It’s really not that bad, especially considering that her Booster is the biggest part of her kit and has no counter. The Drone can be easily killed, takes 8 seconds to set up, has to have LoS, stays still, and can’t be spammed.

The Drone has no cooldown, but takes 8 seconds to be able to shield. 8 seconds before it’s useful.


Is isn’t instant. after placement the drone actually does take a few seconds before it’s ready and shielding. If the nerfs on tuesday turn out to be not enough (and that is a big if), a cooldown between drones would be a possibility.


We played when she was released. At her most unbalanced. She’s bliss right now, compared to then.


Its an 8 second charge timer on setup as it stands but you need 2 more? If you didn’t play around the first 8 seconds then how is 2 more going to help? The health reduction on it is pretty big, should be dying in 2 melees now instead of 3


as the op stated… insta deploy drone also the jetpack booster is way too strong (IMO)and the capacity change may help with that I’ll concede that point…I personnaly still feel it should maybe use her jetpack fuel or work like a normal jetpack or something, not entirely sure how to fix this.

just to point out also these changes might make her kit more balanced but is this actually going to make it more fun to actually play against?

also just to also point out I am glad that they do realise sunny needs nerfed and perhaps this is just the first in a few gentle nudges towards where she should be.


With 250 hp a monster can kill the drone with 1 heavy.


Even better


Yeah my post was to ACTUALLY nerf her, or at least change her to address the frustration issues given by instant drone and no counterplay.

It’s ridiculous that even while she is being melee’d constantly, she can still poop out a drone which SURVIVED the melee attacks even!

This patch is a bandaid patch; 300hp=>250 hp is nothing for an instant deployable where she can be doing so much more in that time as well. 250HP means some monster will STILL need to waste an entire ability JUST to make it redeployed install and start charging again.


Have you actually read all the posts?

In any case, they can now be destroyed with a single heavy attack. One. The Drone also takes 8 seconds to begin shielding. This is ample time to break LoS or focus someone down if you can, even destroy it.