Playstyle for Kelder and Wraith

I play Kelder very messy, usually resulting in winning nonetheless, but I only win by the skin of my teeth. Same for Wraith, only I try to play “strategically” only resulting in only 3 bars of health. Which is cutting it close. I go with the 75% faster eat perk which helps with mobility for Kelder mostly after he evolves and walks like a emperor to say. Whilst Wraith actually does float as I went and checked, multiple times. Kelder is more of “spam spam spam” and Wraith is “hit and run” so how would I play them? Goliath requires accuracy to the highest, so I have no clue why it’s easy:difficulty. I use Behemoth with brute force. Tongue Grab, Rock Wall into a pounce which is pretty boring. Gorgon is ambush aswell but I get ripped to shreds with her. Anyone?


It’s been while since I’ve played, so I forgot my main setup, but for her I believe I took Traversal Regen, which allows me to effectively run on feeding routes, and engage in combat right before I Evolve via clinging to a wall and surprising them (which can both surprise them and help out with damage).

I go WS, ST, and AS for stage 1
WS, WS, AS for stage 2
AS, ST, ST/Mimic for stage 3

Mimic is too much of a risk to use on stage 1, as an assault can tear it apart easily. However, in Stage 3 it can be useful for scouting the relay or removing traps.

AS and WS are the 2 you want to focus on the most in terms of combat, not forgetting to drop a spider either behind you or next to the medic/support.


Should be played a lot like Goliath, as they both can keep up in combat, with AoE abilities.

I rarely played him, so I dunno what perks worked best on him, but my best guess would be Damage, MS, or Ability Cooldown.

Then BM, LS, and DS for stage 1
BM, BM/DS, LS for stage 2
BM/DS, DS, LS for stage 3

CL is useless as his burst potential is extremely high, and CL would allow you to be an easy target, lower your burst, and hit/miss damage. Too risky.


Target Priority. Focus the weakest link, which might not be the Medic/Support. Sometimes it might be the Trapper, like Griffin who can’t CC himself. It’s just poke to see who is the weakest, then focus them while remaining mobile. The key to Wraith is to capitalize on both mistakes and weaknesses. For example, switch between targets if the medic is Val, so she can’t heal them both at the same time. If Laz, either burst down a hunter and use them as bait, or get Laz to pop cloak and focus him once it’s out.

As for abilities,

WB, WB, Abduct for stage 1
WB, SN, Abduct for stage 2
SN, SN/Decoy, Abduct for stage 3

Then as a perk I would run MS, or Traversal Regen.


How I win with Kelder (still stoked to see people using my name :smiley: ), is I use the controller to play fetch with my dog as soon as the matches starts. If i haven’t won by the time my puppers has come back the first time, then rinse and repeat.


Because it’s a decent name which makes sense imo. Bob just seems like a random name, unless I’m just missing the point of his name. Meaty I’m not on board with, but makes more sense than Bob. Either way, I’m forever going to call Quantum Caira, as Quira. No Quaira, as Qui is like qui gon jinn.

Tryhard. I play with a Nokia flip phone and win in .0359 seconds. If I don’t win then I go Behemoth and camp in a cave for 40 minutes. IF I still don’t win, then I play a hacked version of Candy Crush Saga.

Spawn camping as Kelder is too ez, I kill them while they are still in the Laurie-Ann, before they even look at the drop ship.


Thank you :slight_smile:
There needs to be a “my Kelder is so op…” Thread.

My Kelder is so op that I get Kelder wins while playing Goliath.

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In Stage 1,Kelder is broken. You win by locking the Monster in

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Well those seem good, I play on console:xbox1 and people are always messaging me after hunts complaining how Kelder is “Op” , I don’t usually play as a Hunter but I always have a few in mind when the time comes, the console side is pretty empty so a Monster can find Hunters a bit faster than a Hunter can find they’re own teammates. I’m guess the constant, close range focusing proves too much. But I will say, the Kelder AI is a force to be reckoned with, I tell you.

I’m a hunter main on console, and Kelder by the Dev’s own admission at time of release is broken, due to some numbers jumping when they shouldn’t have.

It’s not impossible, but very very tough!

As well

I win with Kelder by spending a whole week in Venice, then at the very end of the trip, I use multiple machines to stream the game from my PS4 to my computer, then from my computer to the hotel I’m staying at.
Latency is roughly 30-40 seconds, so it’s sort of a ,challenge, but then when I hit that vortex, banshee sneak pounce on one, the rest fall like dominos.


You can win at S1 with Kelder in your sleep.

It’s hard playing Monsters on console, I always lose. Why do I do? Use Kelder and get called a phony. **** that, who cares I’ll be a phony.

I got the itch to play again about a day ago. Its been an age and a half since I last played Legacy and I just came back from a long break from the game (about 3 months).

If you’re on console, you’re gonna have a rougher time because the controls and movement fluidity aren’t as smooth as they are in Stage 2.


Before I go into particulars, try builds and find what works on Bots, if you can kill them without them breaking through your Armor (and they aren’t a counter-comp to your monster), you’ve got a good chance of making a decent dent into Hunters in MP.

Develop strategies that work for you. Everyone else’s playstyle is different, I like being hyper aggressive, others like FT3, others like passive-aggressive. It depends on what you want to do and your personality. I’ve found being hyper aggressive is the better choice because it works for me and it catches a lot of non-veteran teams off-guard, even seasoned players who have played for a few hundred hours tend to get caught off-guard.

Basically don’t be afraid to fight, just make sure you have enough armor to do so. Set a threshold for you to think its a good time to engage. The more pressure you put on them the less it is on you, and the more likely they are to panic and make a mistake that you can exploit, there is also a higher likelyhood with you ambushing them that you’ll catch them without any jetpack, which makes them an easy picking for you.

When in a dome cut off fleeing hunters and staying mobile constantly is what you want when dealing with them. Pillar humping and roaching are a thing, so just switch targets if it becomes an annoyance, eventually they become comfortable when you’re not chasing them and you can go back to hammering on them. With the tumble you’ve got in legacy, you can “herd” hunters a bit more easily, so keep mobile, and make a killbox, if one of them starts roaching, check around you and force them back into your killbox. Terrain plays a very heavy role in who wins the dome fight. Pick places where you have enough room to move and experiment because I can’t really explain that. There’s too many environments and too many variables to accurately explain what monsters are good where. The basic premise is this…

Behemoth: No pillars, close quarters, caves with low ceilings are ideal. Low-hanging ledges are alright. Basically you don’t want too much open space for them to spread out. Bob doesn’t have much CC ability (I.E. he can’t control the hunters’ movement as easily as other monsters), so making a killbox with him is pointless, so use your environment to your advantage.

Goliath: As above, he’s more adapted to open environments than Bob is, with the way the traversal works, you’re best to cut off a fleeing hunter and knock them back into your killbox with a heavy then throw a LS or a charge in their face.

Gorgon: Areas that limit movement are ideal.

Wraith: Open areas with a few LoS breakers. Period. She’s the best there is at controlling the Hunter’s movements.

Kraken: You need a large open area to stay up in the air.

The basic premise is understand how your monster moves then play around the environment and experiment to find what works for you.

As for when you’re outside of a dome, and you’ve got a decent chunk of armor, constantly smell and scan your surroundings. Put your FoV (if you can) to max, and scan for the tell-tale health bars of the Hunters. Once you see them and you don’t think you can get away, set up an ambush. Watch for them. Seasoned players, and even veterans tend to be extremely aggressive and do a 1-3 split, or single-person split to cut you off, you can take advantage of this and get a free strike if you’re quick enough. Watch for what they do and adapt your strategy to it.

There’s also target prioritization; A good example is Hank, Shields keep the team alive, it makes him an instant “I want you down” target. A secondary high-value target is the medic and/or trapper. It depends on the character you’re dealing with.

Trapper is especially high value in Legacy because they control the dome. Get them down, the dome goes down, which gives you free reign to run or keep fighting if your armor is high enough.

As for particulars…

Stage 1: 1 DS/CL/BM
Stage 2: 3 CL/2 DS/1 BM
Stage 3: 3 CL/3 DS/2 BM/1 LS

Perk of your choice; I THINK I went either CDR or pure damage when I played him in Legacy.

Try to stay in the air as much as possible so you’re more mobile with CL. Only use DS when you’re 95% sure that the Hunter’s jetpack is drained. Cut off the hunters, try to move parallel with them, and predict where they will move with your abilities.

The reason I say to max CL is because the radius of the jumps, and its a one-hit-blow-all-the-shit-up-in-my-radius ability. This is especially useful against Sunny and her fucking drone. DS is a DoT, predict and try to keep them in it, tumbling them with heavy melees will do the trick. The key is keeping them in the DS, a pounce will do it, as will constantly meleeing them.


Stage 1: 1 WS/AS/ST
Stage 2: 2 WS/3 AS/1 ST
Stage 3: 2 WS/3 AS/1 ST/3 Mimic (or 3/3/3 if you prefer)

Again, CDR or Damage. Go for the sneak pounce buff for the wall pounce. Just be aware that the Wall Pounce will occasionally bug out and you’ll be stuck unable to do anything. Mimic occasionally also causes the same thing, so you should be very weary of it. I’m not sure what causes the bug to occur.


Fair warning, she’s the weakest of the monsters in Legacy. If you want to play her I won’t stop you. She’s playable to a certain extent, but you should main a different monster once you go past a certain point in skill level.

Stage 1: 2 WB/1 Abduct
Stage 2: 3 WB/1 Abduct/2 SN
Stage 3: 3 WB/1 Abduct/2 Decoy/3 SN

Use traversals to cut off hunters and keep them in a killbox, make them group together to maximize your damage with WB and SN. WB can be stopped prematurely by tapping the key again while its in the traversal mode. Practice getting the blast just above or near your intended target. Ambush, watch, etc. Get a feel for the range on Abduction too. The range on it even at one point is extreme, I.E. You can grab someone from just outside your smell range and bring them back to your location, so practice sniping with it. For perks I play with pure damage (that much I do remember since I played her A LOT in Legacy).

Again; she was nerfed into the ground in Legacy. I strongly suggest going with a different monster unless you seriously want to play her. Just remember if you want to play her, you’re going to be in for a world of hurt and try hard. If you win, congrats, but you’ll lose more often than not. Once you “git gud”, you’ll find some successes, but with equivalent-skill teams, its better to just use a different monster.


But I lost to a comp of Hyde, Sunny, Waggie, and Emet. Like how? I used Behemoth, I was on stage 2, all of my Abilities missed. Like they were sitting pretty while I was dying. They blew through my amour and health in less than a minute, please explain?

Temporary lapse of skill. Happens to all of us. Take a break, come back in an hour. All will be well.


^ there’s also that. Its a game. Don’t take it too seriously, Frustration will end you, so take a step back if you have to. This applies to every game.

As for the fuck up, depends on what you did. Wiffing abilities isn’t exactly ideal. And losing all of your armor and a bar of health is normal. Stay out of Hyde’s grenade cloud if possible, line up your fissure/LB to kill Sunny’s drone and EMET’s deployables.

Stage 2; A good example for a map that I like to play Bob on is Weather Control. You’ve got the cave to the north, you’ve got the beach to the south. Both areas are good to fight in, the cave > the beach because of the ceiling and terrain. In Legacy, you’re guaranteed me to have played Bob on either of the Broken Hill maps, and Barracks.

Understand how the monster moves and the abilities. Pay attention, don’t walk, use your traversals (you deal damage with them in the case of Bob).

Like I said, experiment with bots and see what works. Once you can get a game without your armor getting completely obliterated at Stage 2 by Bots, you’re onto something. Trading a bar or two of health for a strike or two is worth it too btw. I don’t particularly care for my health bar (its distracting), I only check it occasionally.


He doesn’t. You have to get close with him. Your target should be right in front of you, so it shouldn’t be easy to miss. Rock Throw and Leap Smash have splash damage, so you don’t have to directly hit the Hunter.

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No… like losing health to the point that if I evolve I’d still have a losing chance. And I don’t use abilities all Willy Nilly, I’m Elite with Bob along with all the others Monsters. Just that their damage output shouldn’t be that great, I couldn’t even get a strike. I ran but they follow close. I just don’t understand. Kelder is only capable of winning. I back off and come back but it’s still those same players that scout the pubs.

If I could record or stream me playing against them so you see where I’m coming from but I don’t know how.

Again, that’s normal with seasoned players, even more so in legacy with the dome being trapper-exclusive.

I earned a habit of gunning for the trapper to get the dome down as quickly as possible, regardless of if there’s Hank to deal with or not. No trapper=No Dome. No Dome=Free Reign. Dome on CD means a free ambush. Once the dome goes down, get armor, and rush in get a strike or two and roll out provided your armor is above what you want. You’ve got I think a minute before the dome comes back online, so you’re free to do as you please with them during that time, just pay attention. This isn’t stuff you can learn overnight, I honed my times for months before I got them down.

Hold your second cycle of abilities until AFTER you’re sure their defensive resources are wasted, one or two of them should be on CD at all times, E.G. TG or LB to take out a pesky drone, or distract the Support/Medic, and drag someone out of position. Its down to muscle memory for ability combos.

These things take time to get down, its not a one-shot-wins-all scenario. What I am essentially saying is just place a metric fuck-ton of pressure on them just as much as they pressure you and go for the trapper, they should be your immediate target to down. As soon as the dome drops, you can either run, or continue fighting if your armor is comfortably high.

The easiest point is generally when the dome first drops, most of the team is still several meters out, which means you have about 5 seconds (possibly more or less, depending) before the shitstorm begins. The trapper will have little-to-no jetpack to dodge with which means you can slap them around during that time and get them near-down or downed within that time frame regardless of stage. As I said, being hyper aggressive is what you want. They don’t learn (generally) the first time and you can take advantage of that.

Bob Build:
Stage 1: 1 LB/1 TG/1 Fiss
Stage 2: 2 LB/1 TG/3 Fiss (In Stage 2, its 3 LB, 2 Fiss because you can aim it)
Stage 3: 3 LB/2 TG/3 Fiss/1 RW

Perk I used was Feeding Speed. Bowl into them and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, you break their formation and control their movements.

As for recording, I’ll let someone else explain that since I don’t know. If you were on PC, I’d say use OBS, but I don’t know how to rig a console to your machine to record.

Edit: Now that I think about it there’s a pattern to what I’m talking about here. Slow down, think, don’t panic. Panicking will get you killed. Another thing I should mention is keep mobile, only feed on one or two wildlife before moving to another section to feed.


I can’t coach you on what you did wrong, but this is what I’ve would’ve done.

  • Focus Sunny since Emet can’t reliably heal due to his long HB CD and his buoys being caught up in all of his AOE abilities. Same goes her her drone.

  • Use LB once she cloaks, as it can reveal her.

  • Always stay moving. Hyde and Torvald punish monsters who camp, whereas Markov you want to barely move.

  • Focus on LB and Fissure for S2/S3 ability upgrades since this is mostly a deployable based team. Avoid RW completely as Hyde would punish you for using it.

If you really just chill and watch Hydes damage with his stink bomb, he needs another weapon to add damage at all. I feel like they’re headshotting me continuously. As for Hyde, he usually gets about a 2 second damage on Monsters that move a lot like OG, MG, BOB, EK and W n G.
I didn’t include regular kraken because you literally tower the hunters, and most comps use Maggie so they’d be at a huge disadvantage. But it works for different Monsters, but not for others. Hmph.