PlayStation memories


I wanted to start a PlayStation thread, I don’t think there is one,but I wanted to have a thread where ps 1-4 players can talk about there favorite childhood games and new ones.Growing up in the 90s/2000 my favorite growing up were
Spyro the dragon
Tomb raider

Would you buy the PS4 again? - With the knowlege that the online service is unstable as hell?

No Playstation 3?

Edit: And Twisted Metal 2 on PS1 was my favorite!


Oh yeah and PS3 sorry forgot to add that


Loved this game!!! :heart:


Spyro and the egg hunt one.


OMG… I remember this game this was the bomb back when I was little


I need to play that again…


It was always the cheesy games that I really enjoyed lol my fav ps2 games were the God of war(2) silent hill, and final fantasy



Used to love playing multiplayer with my sibling >.<


I love PlayStation Allstars!


Lets see… Back in the day I played games like this on PS1

I won’t go into massive lists but yeah, PS2

We had the platinum edition of TT1!


Aaand I don’t have a PS4. But those above are games that I liked the most and remember the most :smiley:


The last of us was incredible


Star ocean 2 sucked up sooooooo many hours of my life also castlevania symphony of the night ummm red faction 1&2 plenty more just can’t think atm


I played this game a lot when the Playstation first came out. Graphics were amazing at the time lol!

Edit: Oh and this game… I freaking loved this game!!!



The tiger was my dude!


Long or Shen-Long?


Honestly I cannot remember what his name was. I forgot about this game until you linked it actually.

I loved how you threw people against the walls.


White or orange tiger? :wink:

I loved the mole and the xenomorph/demon.