PlayStation 4 Region Matchmaking



I’ve been wanting to post this and hope maybe the developers see it, not sure where else I can put it. Maybe some other people would like to comment.

I’m in South America, and I love the game. I enjoy it, but it seems that the community down here is just too small… Matchmaking takes 3-5 Minutes to find a game, only to have 2-3 people in it. If I quit a game, or someone quits a game, or a game disbands, and you click on Search Game again, you end up with the exact same people of the previews game.

Is there a way, or any opportunity that Turtle Rock will unlock region matchmaking? I would hate to see that I have to stop playing the game because there’s no people to play with… It would seem as if there’s a lot in Latin America, but I always keep playing with the same people…


I feel your pain. I don’t know about PS4, but I do know that for PC people have been changing their download region to switch it to a more active area when there isn’t anything going on. Apparently this changes the region it searches for matches with too.

Can you do that with PS4?


That’s the thing, on PS4 you’re stuck with the region you chose when you made your PSN Account. There’s no way of changing it.

You could make another profile, and different region, and play on USA region. But you’d pretty much have to start over, no trophies, no nothing.