Playstation 4 or Xbox One?


I’m sure the PC is the best version but just between PS4 and XB1 which version is superior?


There is no superior.

Wich controller do you prefer?

Where is the most activity?


There’s no difference between the two. Why do you ask?


Have both consoles and was wondering if there was any significant difference.


Well either mods will act pre-emptively and close it, or will watch it very closely. @Torvald_Stavig

No real difference other than which one you’ve grown up with and prefer more.


I believe the ps4 has a SLIGHT difference in graphics. It really isn’t noticeable.


So like no exclusive DLC or characters for either one?


Nothing that you’ll physically be able to perceive. I believe both have similar playerbase numbers, so it really comes down to controller preference.

No console exclusives for either platform, anymore.


Framerate the same?


Yup, 30 fps for both.


Thanks for the info. :slightly_smiling:


Not a problem!


They’re basically the same. Before PS Plus, I would have recommended PS for sure, but with its introduction, Xbox is the better choice. More stable internet for roughly the same price. I play on PS4, but Live is better than PSN.




Come to the Dark (PS4) side. We are totally better and that is just my totally non-biased opinion. :wink:


I think its really just personal preference, like everyone else mentioned, but yeah, repetition is key.

Either way you’re still a peasant. /sarcasm


At least us console peasants don’t look like that nightmare fuel.



I don’t like Steam. Multi-monitors mean nothing for me as it would serve me no purpose. A lot of modern games on consoles are getting pretty spiffy at hitting those 60 frames and running in 1080p pretty smoothly. We also have exclusive titles. I like controllers better over mouse so that’s all just preference.

And thanks to Fallout 4 the line between mods from pc to console is blurring.


Oh, I completely agree with you. Some games are far better on console, but some are better on PC. Preference. I usually use a controller playing PC anyways. I dream of a day where there are no exclusive titles.

FO4 is a special case. Bethesda has been letting people mod for generations of gaming, and it’s become expected of them, and console players have always felt left out. I imagine all of their big future titles will include this, provided the game allows for it. I don’t know about other games, though. As far as I can tell, there isn’t too much interest in modding most console games, and many games that could be modded aren’t popular enough to add that feature.