Playstation 4 looking for hunter team mates regulars


Regulars on Evolve at me MattyLeng English make sure you have headset :slight_smile:


PSN: Narrunn
Add me if you get on before I do. I’m looking for people who want to play regularly, have mics, and have a firm understanding of the game.


I suggest looking into this thread:


PSN: dwrek13
Add me if you’re interested. I don’t have a class preference.


Check this out for finding other Evolve players:


PSNID: thecapeo
Just started the game yesterday so I’m a total noob. Looking for people who want to play well and as a team but are cool. I’m too old for drama lol. I’ll be on regularly weekdays after 6:30 EST US and as much time on the weekends as I can manage. Feel free to add me if that sounds good to you.


PSN ID: Darthyoda786

Looking to play regularly. Have a mic. Casual and competitive. :smile:


PSN ID: DydezHomicydez. Looking to play regularly. New to this game, but lots of gaming experience.


PSN: jayzdawg420

Val LF hunter team. experienced gammer


PSN: X-Alpha_Dogz-X

Mainly play lazarus medic. looking for a group of english speaking players to join a team with. Play regularly and have a mic :smile:

Feel free to add me in game


PSN ID: Calivar
Languages: English & German (native speaker)
Modes: All
Headset: check
Roles: Assault (but I do also enjoy other roles - as long as the team is a good one)


Try this as well:


Add me MattyLeng


Add me: mike-sing


user name Ripotto14


PSN: Subtlety-
Main medic
Looking for a group of hunters to raise WLR


Add me PSN:
Mostly play as trapper,medic,and support




@John982 You can make a new thread to look for players or search for a more recent one :slight_smile: