Playstation 4 is about to have mouse and keyboard

I just saw a video from one of my subscriptions on YouTube. The guy was reporting on the new hori keyboard and mouse coming to playstation 4. Now I want to ask if the TRS reps are aware of this? And If so, do you intend to offer us on ps4 mouse and keyboard functionality?

“PS4 is getting a mouse and keyboard combo” on YouTube

I tried out my console version of evolve (ps4) today and I hated the transition. I want this (if any good) so that I can enjoy evolve to the max (graphically wise) while not having to deal with aiming with my controller. I liked the PS$ version just that aiming with a controller sucks compared to my mouse.
That is if it would be compatible in this instance otherwise I would not have much reason to buy it.

The Xim4 already does this, though it’s not cheap. It would be cool if they did support this though. I’m way, way more accurate on the m&k.

It’s brutal. The other way is nice though. I went from console Borderlands to PC and was like “huh, this game is way easier if you’re landing headshots all the time.”

Controller FPS is so much harder. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i think xbox is getting keyboards to im not to sire though

Interesting developments for some of the console players out there.

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With windows 10 you can stream games to your PC or Microsoft tablets from the xbone to play with mouse and keyboard if the game supports it I believe.


Yes it is. Already made a thread. :smile:

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Yay finally consoles realized the true power of PCMAS… nah nevermind…

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How old are you? Eight? - Let us play BF3 or BF4 I will wreck you so hard with Gamepad on PC.

Bring it on !


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