Playing wraith is kinda getting on my nerves now


I have been playing wraith every game for the challenge but man am I sick of it. I started out good but now I lose every time cause of glitches and bugs/lag. Every time I evolve I get the evolution glitch, almost every time I use warp it stunlocks me in the animation and the same thing happens with abduction. Not to mention the hunters are never kind enough to give me a restart when I get in permanent stunlock, meanies. And finally I get Hyde 4/10 games. Come on Hyde players where you at? You’re the only reason I’m using wraith. I’m sick of losing cause I didn’t know where my health was or a hank got a free obital on me while I was stunlocked. Anyone else getting this or is it just me?




hmm i did notice abit of lag abit ago i tried to stealth pounce a lone medic as wraith but i just sat there in mid air pounce animation for like . . . 5 seconds . . . amazingly i still got him owo


wraith from ps4, no stun locking on our side? … what system/console?


WARP BLAST stunlock stuck is a real pain, you just sit there for God knows how long and get killed by Torvald in one mortar barrage.


I got a dude who kept being the wraith (and losing to my hyde hehehe) but that was around 7 am eastern time now me and a few buddies have been playin since 3 pm till now 11:30 not one wraith all kraken with 2 goliaths 1 behemoth it’s frustrating


Had a Behemoth game today when I got stuck between 2 rocks, couldn’t move, meanwhile an Armadon comes along and starts hitting me, then the hunters find me and start shooting at me. I eventually get unstuck after losing all my armour and all but 2 bars of health. Managed to stage up to stage 3, then I caught them in a pack of Mammoth Birds and a Sloth and won the game. Karmas a bitch Kek.