Playing with Randoms


I hate playing with Randoms, no one ever is on mic!

I wish there were more in-game comm options. For instance, I should be able to push my d-pad towards the medic’s icon to signal I need healing.


A lot of randoms only take the medic because of the sniper. They still think there playing COD!! They don’t care about healing anyone.


Can they not hear you even without mics? Players can type on PC and there’s a lot more mics if that’s your thing. I’ve found most people communicate one way or another on PC.


This is a great idea. The D-pad should be able to signal medic, support, trapper or assault. You could signal when to trap, when you need healing or shielding, or tell the assault to kick fucking ass. Im so sick of joining with medics who just use the sniper haha, i mean what are they doing honestly.


Oh sorry for not clarifying. I’m playing on the Xbone, typing isn’t an option.


Thanks, bro. Hopefully they’ll consider adding that as a feature.


Let’s hope alot of those ignorant people who disregard the team completely will get playing evolve out of their system with this beta and pass on the game, so we’ll have more people dedicated to the team when the full release is out… Seems to me alot of those CoD fans are already talking crap about this game and hate this, so let’s hope when the release hype calms down, most people who will stay will play for the team, even if they have no mic.

I’ve played with randoms too and people rarely have a mic and sure, it’s frustrating if someone is derping around, but there’s so many new and clueless players out now that it really can’t be avoided. Try to relax and not care about a loss if you can - and help them out the best you can.

That’s why I always try to be the medic and do my job best that I can… but if the trapper is never putting the trap down… that gets my frustrations the most right now :smiley:

But yeah, some sort of quick D-pad comms or Battlefield style communication selection thing would be very handy for consoles.