Playing with friends means no one can be monster: needed?


I’m curious as to what people thing about this.

So if you are partied up with friends, no one in your party can play the monster class, you must all be hunters (I assume everyone knows this already). Is this really necessary? Giving people who party up the option to always be given hunters makes sense (since I’m sure a lot of people love partying up with their friends in a co-op fashion and wouldn’t want to have one of their party forced to be the monster), but I don’t think it’s something that should be mandatory. Here’s my reasoning:

For one thing, it kinda skews it for people going solo, as they will far more often be given the monster rather than hunters (even if monster is their last pick) simply because the people partied up can’t be one. In a game where everyone is solo, you have a roughly 1/5 chance to be the monster (ignoring the preference options for the moment). If there is one team of two that drops to 1/3. If there is a team of three it’s a 50% chance, and of course against a team of four (or two teams of two) you will always be the monster. This can be frustrating, as sometimes when you’re in a party you actually do want to play monster, and others when you are solo you want to be a hunter.

Would it be broken to allow this? I was thinking maybe the devs made the decision to structure it like that so that people couldn’t have one of their friends pick the monster and then purposefully lose (or have the hunters purposefully lose) in order to up the other’s standing and/or get the achievements, but as it stands you can just farm achievements by doing exactly that in a custom game if you want, and the leaderboards don’t really mean that much (and will mean even less once Ranked is a thing; to be clear I am in full support of them keeping that restriction for Ranked).

Furthermore, I can say that through the glitchy matchmaking I have gotten the monster when in a party before (as well as Defend, Nest, and Rescue game modes), and the games were still very fun and not at all imbalanced. It just seems like an unnecessary restriction that negatively impacts matchmaking.



I want to be able to play as a Monster. 90% of the time the 5th player leaves because they don’t want to fight a pre-made team. It greatly slows matchmaking down.