Playing with/against level 40 idiots


You have a 50% chance to lose ? QUIT
Monster lost 50% health without killing hunters ? QUIT
Somebody is too good ? QUIT
One of the hunter got killed ? QUIT
Medic dead ? QUIT

Goddamnit, i just wana reset my level and play with level 10-30 players, those matches was much more fun that playing with these bloody frigging idiots…

I just got out of 3 matches where everybody would leave if somebody F***sup !


u playing in pc?


No… no you don’t lol.


yea on PC

Why man?


You don’t really want to play with the low levels again lol. Trust me.


I’m guessing their bigger idiots than I remember?


Probably worse because your used to playing with quality now.


Yeah, I have a team now and I never want to play with pubs again if I can help it. Actually having everyone know what their doing is so amazing, especially since we all have mics.


its just the pc mentality, whenever i play on pc i swear there are more rage quits compared to consoles


Play with friends. Problem Solved.

Don’t have friends? Aquire Friends. Profit.


belimme u dont wanna go back to lvl 10-30’s

when iam playing with a low lvl friend we get those lobbys…

and even the worst lvl 40 pub is way better then the best lvl 20 pub

miles different


One unfortunate things I learned, is that idiocy has no boundaries. You’ll find it, in different forms and degrees of obnoxiousness, at every level and on every platform.

Idiocy has no race, nationality, religion or sex. It does not make class distinction, grows at all ages and on every soil.

“Gobi” can confirm it :


the good thing about pubs is that most of them listens to u.

like when the assault puts all mines in one place and u ask him to spread those out 9/10 times he actually does it.

even the idiots

MOST of the time…


LV40 comes with the false idea of grandure, people should really stop doing that.


Yeah, I hate that as well…

It’s the “max level matchmaking syndrome”. I hope that the Ranked Play thing will get this out of the way.


I hate the quitters too. I played a match the other day where the monster was stage 2 and the it incapped 2 hunters, the support(me) and trapper. So, instead of the medic (laz) trying to rez us and the assault running interference, they just ran to the monster AND STOOD THERE SO IT COULD KILL THEM FASTER. This really pissed me off, especially since the match just before that we won.


I don’t see much quitting, just a lot of people who enter a period of deep, silent reflection as soon as the match starts.


Agreed. I used to love playing Evacuation when I was levelling up, but now at level 40 I can rarely finish a play through because everyone leaves after a couple of monster wins.


Games requiring huge amount of teamwork will tend to have a higher rate of ragequits. It was terrible in L4D, it is going to be worse in Evolve. We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.


on ps4 not much rage and smart people witohut commication mics