Playing the role I want


This really needs to be addressed. I bought this game because I LOVE playing the monster, THATS IT. I have no interest in playing as a hunter…in fact, I HATE FPS’s. My top choice is playing the monster, and since there is no way to NOT pick anymore, I put something like trapper, support…etc etc…

I have to back out of game after game because I load in as a hunter rather than a monster. I will continue to do this until this issue is addressed and won’t buy a single DLC until this is addressed. I want to play the monster 100% of the time. That’s it, nothing else.

I REALLY enjoy playing this game, just let me play the role I want. It’s that simple. You want more of my money? Of course you do, fix this issue because it’s a BIG ONE.


I’m going to bump this topic because I don’t want to have it fall by the way side.


im in the same boat as the OP for the most part, i do like hunter but much prefer the monster


there should be a monster only que


I agree it’s rather annoying , you basically have to learn how to play every class in the game just to play multiplayer.