Playing the monster


so I have been trying all day to play as the monster, i have been playing by myself and have the monster as my 1st preferred but the game is going out of its way to not let me play as it, joined a game with just one other person he gets monster, i have also joined about 15 other games and everytime im not even put as my 2nd or 3rd hunter choice im always assault and assault is last on my preferred choice. So whats the deal is your preferd choice just a joke that doesn’t actually do anything?


in my experience it doesn’t work well while joining a game but when your in a fresh game from the start it works pretty well with almost being 1 of the top 3 preferred every time


That is my experience as well.


about 15 more attempts and 10 assault and 5 trappers i have monster medic support trapper assault as my order so it clearly cares what i put


Just change it to medic as your first one.

I’ve played seven games with the medic in the first slot and I never get to play it and I’m usually the monster or I end up playing as my second slot.

I like to see that they have this “preference” thing going on and that they’re really just telling me to fuck off you play what you have to, not what you’d like to.


you said in your original post

if you keep changing lobbies that will most likely lead to playing a high percentage of games as classes you don’t want
but once your in a lobby and not joining 1 and it still keeps giving you assault then something is up