Playing the monster with friends

Current number as of 10 minutes ago is 451 people.

And as Ive already stated, people will troll if they want to troll. All that gimping my role choices does now is make me get my friends together to play something else. And it shows since the population for this game is very small. Friggin’ Farming Simulator 2015 has 4000 players playing it right now.

There’s barely anybody left to even troll. At this point it’s a quality of life change for the few players that remain, and the very small temporary spikes of population that occur when this game adds something.

Worst case scenario: I get trolled by some random team of guys in this game’s matchmaking. But Id least be playing the game and in its matchmaking. But as of right now it’s an ordeal to get my one buddy to even play this game at all with me. And I cant blame the dude, we DO have a lot of other games to play and we wouldn’t be restricted in those games. And those games have my other friends playing them too.

So I play console, so I don’t exactly know how it feels to have a small player base like that. So I ain’t chiming in on being monster while in a party in HUNT… but in arena on the other hand.
Trolling is really easy in hunt, and while in arena people can still kind of troll, it is to a lesser degree aaaaaaand… arena matches are shorty so people wouldn’t be wasting 20 mins on a troll match.
So in hunt(for console) they should leave it the same. In arena on all platforms, you should be able to play monster in arena.

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See I feel like party monster in Arena could work, not in Hunt though

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Well obviously I’d prefer it in the Hunt mode but if I had to compromise that’d be alright.

If you want to troll you just pick any hunter and then deliberately sabotage the team. No monster required. I think the instances of trollign will be rare enough for this to be a reasonable addition

The way I see this shaking down is thus: People against it are worried about (more) trolling, while people for it (myself included) just want the option to be monster with a friend.

At the risk of sounding redundant, the crux of my argument is that I feel this could all be solved with the addition of an option of match types:

ranked matches=no friends in party can be monster – AND-- un-ranked matches=friends can be monster in party.

Wouldn’t both sides be satisfied with this option? I don’t see how this would affect the people who are against it; just keep playing your ranked matches and everything stays the same. Meanwhile, those of us who are for it have the option to enter into an unranked match to play with a friend as monster, fully aware of whatever consequences may transpire.

This is why myself and my friends have stopped playing this game. I made many topics during the beta mentioning this and a developer answered and said they will be adding the option to play with friends shortly after release. Well it didn’t happen and now it some topics it seems they went back on it (@Macman mentioned it probably wasn’t happening anymore).

I paid $100 for 4/5 ths of a game as I can’t play monster. If I go solo, I get put on a hunter anyway but now with randoms with no mics, and if I play with my friends then I can’t do monster.

Sometimes when it glitched, we some amazing fun hunting each other down.

Customs don’t solve anything as we don’t want to play against bots.

I really feel turtle rock doesn’t really care or are just plain ignorant that someone might not have 5 friends all on at the same time.

Has @MaddCow heard anything regarding this? I saw he knew about the T5 hunter announcements so he may have some information on this.

I expected this when I bought the game and was very disappointed I couldn’t play against a friend. However we did find a workaround that works about half the time.

  1. Party up and join a game.
  2. If it’s in between games and the lobby is full, whoever isn’t the party leader then leaves and immediately joins a game.

If the spot doesn’t fill right away you’re likely to get back in the same lobby. My friend and I do it all the time.

Personally I don’t give two shits about ranking. I would rather the game be fun than competitive. And I’m ranked pretty high too (Kronos on PC). I’d give up that pointless ranking to just be able to play against my friend without cheesing the system.

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That’s the part that really gets my goat; the fact that I have to find some work around exploit that may or may not work, just to experience the full game with a friend. All this because of the possibility of trolls.

I feel so adamant that this should be an option. It’s a shame that it seems this decision was solely put in place just as a safeguard against trolling; when trolling happens anyway and doesn’t require the presence of more than one person to accomplish it.

I feel even more of a sting whenever I watch any of their streams and they say Turtle Rock listen to their fans, yet we still can’t play with our friends in a coop game.

Signed, been asking for this from the beginning. The nights that we try to play the game would be SO much better if this feature were in. As-is we are generally waiting around in lobbies for about as long as we actually spend chasing monsters. All because we keep getting stuck in lobbies with people who don’t want to play monster. Lots of people don’t want to play monster, but a lot more of those people are willing to play monster for a game if it’s going to trade off each round. As-is that can’t happen if we’re in a party.

Boosting for XP and unlocks is a moot argument since that can be done in customs already anyway. Boosting for the leaderboard might be a concern, but the leaderboard seems fairly meaningless without real ranked play anyhow. IMO the trolling/griefing argument is the most legit argument against, but doesn’t hold water and never has. It’s going to happen in any online game, and in this case the solution seems worse than the problem. If you’re REALLY that worried about griefers ruining people’s time, then let us blacklist players so that the matchmaker never puts us in a game with them again.

I wonder why whenever this topic is brought up, we never get a response from the devs or mods.

Would be nice to have some clarity considering the current state of the game. It could use a little more fun.

Still waiting for a response from the devs. If it’s going to be a no, let us know.

There already was a response once and it was roughly: We were probably too concerned about boosting.

We “were” sounds like they don’t feel that way anymore. I want to know their stance now after hearing what their fans are asking for.

No, they said they didn’t do it to prevent boosting. They were not “unsure” that was the reason for it. However recently they had said they had some announcements “soon” regarding that kind of stuff so there is always that!

Can you link where that was said?

Bump? These threads always seem to get pushed aside and forgotten.

Shrug… Tons of people have supported this idea since before launch, and tons of people have supported plenty of other features for just as long. Some things happen, and some things never do.

If this game had been launched just 6 months later, think about how much better the experience would have been. Too bad things cost money.