Playing the monster with friends

Look guys, the game is fun. Im happy you fixed the multiplayer connection to host bug. I can actually play the game again, super. But there’s an issue still, and it’s the fact that I cant play as the monster against my one friend who actually owns the game. With the game’s population (at least on PC) as low as it is I cant see why itd even be an issue at this point. The leaderboard integrity is almost a moot point now, Steam has this game tracked at under 500 players per day on at any given time. The population is low, and continues to be low, despite temporarily spiking for sales and such. Im not gonna go into how expensive this game is upfront (but my other friends would buy it if it wasnt still 60 bucks…) or how people somehow feel the dlc is unjustified or whatever. (I dont care personally) But at this point, why not just open up players in a party together being able to select the monster?

It’s just me and my ONE FRIEND. Even if we wanted to try and boost leaderboard stats (lol we work full time jobs already we dont have that kinda time) not only would nobody be impressed but we wouldnt gain anything out of it. I dont want to play with 3 bots just so one of us can be the monster in a custom game. There’s no fun in playing the AI. I dont even care if our human teammates are bad at the game, but theyre different. But for the love of God I just wanna kill my friend already. The entire pivotal role, the Monster, is a role we’re not able to experience and it’s depressing. The only way to play it is without each other in separate matches (kills the point of buying the game to play with him), or in a custom game with just the 2 of us. (my other friends would play but the game’s upfront cost is absurd considering the population and how long it’s been out)

Im sure this will get locked, and Im sure youve all heard this a million times… but a few more months of this and who knows how much harder it may become to fill a lobby. Even when we get into a game half the time we spend half a match with 2 bots and a 3rd solo guy and MAYBE we get a 4th and 5th to join. Other times were in a game with just the 2 of us… fighting 3 bots anyways. Would it REALLY kill you to throw us a bone at this point and give us more incentive to play? We try and play for a while but we get bummed out after an hour. We even try to solo queue at the same time and we’ve never gotten into the same game it’s impossible.


Not necessarily. We lock threads that breach our ruleset or simply get too heated or serve no purpose/are redundant. For example if there was an established thread about this, we’d close and merge.

Now, as for this subject.

The main reason they don’t allow this is to prevent griefing. It’s already very easy- Evolve has a LOT of trollability, as it were, and an addition such as this would worsen it.

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Ask, @MrTalha. He must know a work around.

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On PC if I want to play monster with my friend we go and both queue up for a match at the same time. Sooner or later we get in the same match and one of us can be monster.

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I totally agree with this. You shouldn’t be forced to split a party, but if you want to play monster it shouldn’t stop you.
Understand the logic behind it, but a lot of players leave when the are the monster a second time when they dont want to be when someone else would happily take it.

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We’ve tried that for a few days, guess we’re just unlucky >.<

If you are in a pre-made and the monster disconnect on the character select screen, you can quickly leave and re-join to take the monster spot. You can do it in-game too, for that matter. Fun way to mess with your buddies.

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We are using that exact same tactic.

But it would be much better if you could choose monster as your preference when in a party!

I’ve been championing this aspect of the game from the beginning, and I totally agree: please let us have the option of playing the monster with a friend in public matches. Provide an un-ranked match mode. If people want to troll, they’ll find a way–I don’t think providing this option will really have an impact on trolling; and if so, people are aware that’s a possibility when they choose this kind of match from the start.

Furthermore, about the work arounds to play with friends–I understand these tactics may work, but why should we have to exploit these rather cumbersome techniques just to have the full experience of the game? This just makes it difficult for me to experience the entirety of your game with my friend. I enjoy evolve, but this one particular aspect has had a huge impact on my relationship with this game. My friend and I usually default to other games because we are burnt out on playing hunters all the time.

Please, TRS, I implore you to reconsider this as an option.

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Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I find it equal parts maddening and disappointing this feature has not been added to the game yet.

Making it five friends or bust when it comes to being monster with your buddies has long kept people from playing this game in the way they want to. No doubt that has been a contributor to the major decline in the player base. I know personally, it has effected my experience and interest in the game as well as MANY of my friends who no longer even consider playing Evolve.

There is no justification for this,TRS. I’m sorry, with what I’ve seen you cannot tell me different. Please make this right.

I feel this is totally an acceptable request "playing as monster against friends in same party in Pub matches… This is where the RANKED threaded picks up… In my mind the way to implement the monster choice while in a game party is to allow it in a non ranked mode where stats and mastery skills are not affected by gameplay… In a unranked mode any attempt to boost stats would be nullified and would not be tracked and is totally a exhibition match

Well your stats are tracked even in a solo bot game I think the only thing that wouldn’t be in a non ranked mode would be a leaderboard and the displayed figures associated with it. (Essentially a custom lobby but with internal matchmaking)

I wonder if there’s a steam group for this sort of thing…

Would be nice, but it’s easy to troll/exploit with.

But if someone wants to troll, they won’t need help from someone else… And the population is so low already that its not worth it to troll anybody. You’d quickly run out of lobbies to troll. More happy people playing for fun just seems win-win at this point.

Absolutely agreed. At this point, I feel the “trolling” argument against this is irrelevant. Hypothetically, what’s to stop myself and a friend ‘trolling’ using the work around methods mentioned above to get into a public lobby as monster/hunter if we really wanted to go trolling? People already troll. If they have their minds set on doing it, they’ll find a way.

Surprise disconnect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please enable matchmaking party monsters. Please. Pleeeaase!

P-L-E-A-S-E ! ! !

Let me put out my 2 cents on what I feel about this.

Don’t do it.

I have already been in matches where my party and I all join a match and one of us has been monster. (Xbox ONE) This has even happened when it was only me and one other person in a party. Now when this happened I played 100% for bragging rights, not so much for boosting or griefing. That was to establish that occasionally MM will split a party up and let one of them play as Monster. There have been plenty of times where I have been in a reverse situation where me and a friend or 2 get thrown into a match and the Monster is clearly working with someone on the Hunting Squad.

One in particular I remember was when 2 friends and I played a Goliath on Armory and the Trapper kept throwing the dome and keeping us in there whenever they could. So naturally we split up to keep tabs on the Monster, figuring the trapper was just bad. We’d catch up to the Monster and either the Trapper wasn’t there, or didn’t throw the dome. Finally the Monster was able to get to Stage 3 and slowly picked us off 1 by 1 (since we had to split up because of the Trapper). The Trapper was the only one left and walked right up to the Goliath, they “danced” and the Trapper jumped right off a cliff into a Tyrant.

We checked, they were partied up.

Now you can make the argument to allow for that in regular MM once Ranked comes SOON but that is not what you want. Now you made it so there are essentially 2 playlists available for casual players, either get your ass handed to you in ranked, or get griefed beyond belief in Regular MM. Casual Players think Evolve is unfriendly to them now? Just wait till that happens and this is coming from a competitive player.

You want to play against your friends as Monsters, customs works just fine.

Sure custom matches. All you need is a party of 5 people who all paid 60 dollars for the game. Then it’s all uphill from there.

But I have ONE FRIEND, we dont want to do customs with just the 2 of us against bots. The game population is so low that trolling isnt worth anyone’s time anymore. It’s not like preventing me and my friend from being the monster is going to prevent trolling, (it happened to you anyways didnt it?) it will happen if people want to troll. I could solo queue and do whatever I wanted to and make the match 3v1 at any given time. Then the lobby would break apart and Id be stuck finding a new one with 4 other people who wouldnt recognize my name and leave on sight immediately. There are less than 500 people playing Evolve at any given time DAILY. Im super sad that 2 guys trolled you once and youre really upset about it, but I barely play this game BECAUSE me and my friend are ALWAYS hunters. Always. Every time. Not physically possible to be the monster. AND ITS DULL. We play for maybe an hour, maybe 3 or 4 matches, then stop because we always do the same job as the same dude with zero chance of having the game spiced up and suddenly being a giant kick ass monster. ITS BORING. If I wanted to only hunt giant monsters, Id play Monster Hunter. Half the game is BEING a giant monster. And since Im not going to play this game alone, (there’s not much fun in that when I have friends who’d play other games with me instead) the only options are customs with 3 bots and the hope that the planets align and me and my buddy are placed into the same match without being in a party JUST TO BE THE MONSTER.

We’d have fun, other players would have fun since we’d legitimately play, everybody would win.

The example I used sadly wasn’t the only time I encountered Trolling like that, it was just an extreme example of what could happen.

Where did you pull this from?

And I had 0 that bought this game. I made friends with people I played with and when we want to play Monster we play Customs.

My main issue is as others have pointed out, there are already numerous ways for people to troll. Adding Party Monsters (which the Devs already explained was removed to prevent Trolling) just adds another method to troll without fixing any others.