Playing Rescue as the monster


I am not a monster player.

That said, I’ve been trying to play the monster a bit more frequently so I can actually play all of Evolve instead of 4/5ths of it. (Or half, depending on how you see it). I still can’t win a hunt game to save my life, but Nest is EZ mode, and Defend is almost always a close match either way.

But this is about Rescue.
I thought rescue was meant to be monster sided, but I can’t see it that way at all. It feels like the hunters always get 2 ‘freebies’ off the bat, cos every time I try to kill one survivor from the first batch, I end up taking shit tons of damage in response. The only time I’ve won vs real players so far was by playing Wraith, and I let the hunters get the first 2 survivors, TRIED killing the next 2 but failing, but then high tailing it to the last 5, killing 3 before the hunters go there, and then almost dying whilst trying to finish off the other 2. It was not an elegant win, to say the least.

Not to mention the super cheap tactic that some hunter teams use where the trapper, medic, and support trap you whilst the assault gets the survivors, and then play super defensive whilst you’re desperately trying to kill the trapper. What do you even do in that situation? Cos let me tell you, being in an arena with Griffin, Hank, and Val, trying to get a down on any of them is not easy.

So, tl:dr: How the hell do you play rescue as the monster? Which monster is the best one for it? What’s the best tactic to use?


I see people using Kraken, ignoring the first pool of civilians; staging up, and then killing them.


rescue is auto win for monster
rush stage 3 with feeding perk
wait at middle of map
beat hunters to next survivors
kill atleast 3 4 of them before the hunters arrive
easy win


Get to stage 2 while the hunters revive the first couple survivors. You can then either meet them at the drop ship location before the survivors get rescued or try to beat them to the next group of downed survivors.

Always make sure you eat the bodies if Laz is in play.


Generally you should let them get the first 2 survivors, and attack on the second wave at Stage 2.

Camping on the teleporter can be an effective tactic when need be.


Yup. That makes it easy mode.


You should be able stage up before the first batch is gone. I stage up, then go wait somewhat near the pick up point, and when the next batch of survivors pops up, use my superior speed to beat them there and use my heavy hitter move (rock throw or Lightning strike) along with what ever other ability I’ve chosen to kill them fast, (and eat them I’d laz is there) and then go kill the last three I need.


I use wraith with either damage on smaller maps or traversal cooldown on bigger ones. Just get there before them. kill and move on, repeat. Only eat the bodies if they have lazarus. Or u could stage up early if your confident you don’t need the first group. But I end most rescue games at stage 1.


Rock Wall and Abduct are god tier for this.