Playing Parnell


Parnell has been my guy lately, and I’d like to hear from you fine folks on how you play him, any tips you may have, what weapons do you use in what scenarios, and when you think it’s best to go SS.

I’ll start by saying that I need to improve with the rocket launcher. I haven’t gotten to a point where it’s clicked yet on how to lead the monster, either when it’s far away or fleeing. If we’re into the monsters health, I like to fling a round or so of farewell rockets as the monster scurries away, but my accuracy definitely needs work. Up close, the shotgun is the preferred weapon, so I only really use it when I’m reloading the shotgun. I’m on 2 star mastery with Parnell now, and finished the SS and shotgun levels while being only around 25-30% with the rocket launcher.

I ran into a very quick moving Kraken last night who, when domed, would just continuously juke in the air, hide behind large structures, and basically was making it very hard for me to deal damage. He was too far away when airborne to do great damage with the shotgun, and when I would fire rockets, he was dancing around most of them. It was definitely my worst round with Parnell.

My typical strategy once we land a dome is to pepper the monster with rockets from afar, and once the monster starts to target one of my teammates I get up close with the shotgun and go SS trying to get headshots. Usually the monster will shift attention to me, and I’ll roll between shotgun and rocket launcher on reloads. Once my health gets lower I’ll throw up the shield. If I’m healed while I’m shielded I’ll keep at it, if not I’ll try and flee when I know the shields coming down, depending on situation (monster health, team/medic status).

I played with a good Cabot last night, and we communicated when to go SS with the damage amplifier; that worked very well. I’ve only been playing PUGs on PC so not coordinating teams with other players.

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

The only thing during my plays as Parnell that is worth noting is while standing still, your rockets are much more accurate and while on move they fly in 360 degrees of your firing position.


When the monster is up close, I put on super soldier and shield with my shotgun. He loses like 2 bars of health after that. I stay on his tail and keep the shotgun blasting, with the medic healing me.


I never use my rockets.


I do agree.
Rockets are…meh, however you need to level them somehow too…


Been playing a lot of medic with my friend as parnell. His advice is basically don’t use the rocket launcher. It is terrible compared to the shotgun which puts out crazy damage. TBH, the rocket could reeeeeally do with a buff.

He works well with Caira and Cabot. Damage amp + Parnel’s shotty does absolute wonders on a coordinated team. It’s our go to pair currently because it melts through wraiths.

Increased mag size is pretty good with him because when you super soldier, you do not want to spend any of that time reloading. You want to coordinate with Cabot to damage amp at the same time you super soldier and shotgun. Wait for a wraith to supernova or something similar and you are golden.


I know, I hate seeing it say 0 damage given.


Dunno… I am a fckn madman with ol Parnell… when we engage I rarely stop putting pressure on the beast. With shield and super-soldier and a medic keeping me healthy, I can just keep pressuring - I love it


I love seeing Parnell as monster. Especially the Parnell+Cabot combo. It just means I know exactly how you will play. As GokuFanboy2000, or whatever the dude with DBZ as his profile picture said…“I don’t use the rocket launcher”. And honestly this is a sign of bad Assaults.

But please, by all means, get close and up in my face as Parnell against something that can 2 shot you with no traps to hide behind.

I consider Markov a bigger threat because once he sets mines down, (which do immensely more damage) he can effectively deny or bait monsters into damage/kill zones.


When I take Parnell, if I’m not using the health regen perk, I’m using the quick switch. That way, when you activate super soldier, you can empty your shotgun, quickly switch to rocket launcher, and then by the time the rocket launcher clip is emptied, your shotgun will have auto reloaded. Basically means you never stop doing damage =D


I should have put that as my username.


You would be better off with a reload perk then.


How so? If I’m switching between weapons a lot, and the weapons auto reload when I’m not using them, why would I need the reload perk? Never have to manually reload with quick switch


Not really. Markov’s Assault rifle and Hyde’s mini gun I use. Not Parnell’s rocket launcher. It barely does damage.


100% agree with @Btubnfj

Switch weapons is a must for any parnell that wants to become good.I mean rockets need some practice.But having SS on with quick switch= more dmg than reload.You never stop hitting.


Mostly because rocket launcher DPS is really lacking and the switch time could be spent on actually reloading the weapon with a perk.

More research is required though, maybe I will do some test later how many rockets you can dish out before you reload your shotgun with a perk.

Just FYI,
I’ve been running Parnell mostly with either Health Regen (23 hp/s) and Switch perk (100%), lately been messing with reload perk. Helps your personal shield too, as you are probably the most fragile out of all assaults.


What an unpleasant and arrogant comment. By your same logic, I love bad monsters that let Parnell close, with Caira healing and good use of his personal shield they take loads off damage and waste their attacks on the assault. If by “know exactly how you will play” it means you’re attacking assault then that’s not gonna go well for ya against good teams. And no traps? Say hello to Maggie.

Markov is great, no one denied that.


You swap weapons REAL quick with 3*** quick switch (something like 100% faster) so instead of reload time, you get extra damage time


I use clip size. I have won every game since then.


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