Playing Option : Que as hunter.. NOT MONSTER!


Please add the option that i wont have to play as monster .

by that i mean let us que as hunters and then get a random roll … or just as the monster.
Takes me 20-25 minutes to find 1 game that i dont have to play as monster and that is very annoying.


It would help a lot if all us monster players who have friends could actually play as monster. Instead you get stuck in the slot I desperatly wish I could fill. It’s just as frustrating to be stuck locked in as a grouped hunter forced against people who don’t want the slot as it is for the person permenantly locked into said slot.

Trust me I would gladly have eleviated the pain if the devs would let me lol. I wonder if leaving monster in my first slot even grouped affects who gets matchmade against us.


well i think its an issue they should address because there are arguments from both sides hunters and monsters.
i think no one should be forced to play a role they dont like just because of premades.