Playing monster with friends


Do you think they’ll eventually let you play as the monster when you’re in a party?

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I believe they’ve stated in the full game they’ll be a private match system.


That’d be nice. Assuming you have 4 other friends to play with haha. I can see why they don’t want two friends and one a monster though. Can’t always rely on the honor system.


Yes you will TehBeardHasSpoken, you will be able to hunt your friends to your heart’s content once the game is release! Stay steady my friend, release is right around the corner! Happy Hunting!


You can play as the Monster in a party so long as there are 5 players.


Does any one want to play Evolve on Xbox One if so message me KSI 360Nation


<3 Awesome.


What about groups of 2, 3, or 4? Getting a group of 5 is not exactly the easiest thing in the world…


Then you can’t play Monster. But, you can play Monster in custom matches with any number of people up to 5 when the game ships.


That’s pretty stupid. Will we be able to make custom game slots open for random people to join?


I’m not sure, at the minute I think no.


So groups of 2-4 people are basically screwed out of being able to play as the monster in any fashion unless they want bots (and no one really wants those). This limitation is limiting for now good reason. I went from completely in love with this game to on the fence about it because of this. I know others feel the same way judging by all the threads about this topic.

The devs need to suck it up and let this happen.

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That needs to happen :frowning: Maybe in like a non rank match or something?

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You can understand why they wouldn’t want that though, the cheating potential is through the roof.


Who cares? Report the bad players and move on. Preserving the progression system is not worth limiting players in this fashion. And leaderboards are meaningless; all the competition will be in organized tournaments…

It is rare that I am going to have 5 friends who play this game available, but very often I can see having 1 or 2 available. So that means I’ll pretty much never be able to play as monster if I want to also play with them.


This is exactly how I feel. I love playing monster but I also want to play with my friends. The current system makes it difficult to have both publicly.


Also i dont think its right to ‘punish’ people who leave after joining a game in progress that is absent of teamwork or because they didnt get their prefered role.

Im gonna be monster TR, and by punishing me your just disrespecting my free time like Destiny did. im not paying $80 for you to suggests or even dictate what and how i want to play :smile:


I only have 3 friends right now and i am still not for this idea. I don’t want to have to play in an organized tournament for competitive game. If anything they just just let custom games allow randoms if they want. I think that would be that best answer i feel.


I hope they have some method to play as the monster with friends and not require a private lobby only.
As it stands, I’ll have a party of 2-3 people TOPS. Not enough for a private match, but playing in public matches will mean none of us get to be the monster.

I have actually never even had a chance to play as the monster in the Alpha, Big Alpha or Beta due to this. I understand the cheating possibilities. But it really hinders the options.

One of my regulars backed out after a few rounds tonight because he was just tired of not getting to play as the monster.