Playing monster with friends option?!?!


I would like an option to be able to play monster when in a multiplayer lobby with a friend. Every time I play with friends I wish I had a an option to be able to play monster.


People have been asking for this since alpha, and supposedly it is being looked into.


It’s not possible in multi-player, sorry. Only in customs, unless you have a party of 5.


It’s good to keep the message out there that multiple people want this though :smile:


There isn’t a reason not to have it.


Been saying that since alpha too.


I really do think once we get a ranked mode, that they will add something for this.


There is, and it’s extremely frustrating.


I disagree. They’ve said they didn’t put it originally because of potential boosting or trolling by hunters never doing anything against their monster friend but I really don’t think the community as a whole should be punished for what the few MIGHT do.

It has been said many times before, and likely will many times again. I do hope they add it someday.


I’ve experienced an accidental pairing of friends and of course they were the monster and Trapper.

I’m not saying it will happen all the time, but when it does and this players decide to be jerks about it. It really sucks all the fun out of the game.


Lol I had randoms in my lobby just being afk and instantly repicking their character, standing around. Mind you that was with an NPC monster, so no help for that. And boosting? Yes, we can do that in customs. Unless of course, you mean leaderboard rankings in which case - Lol, they are so glitched and hacked it doesn’t matter anyways. There’s really no reason not to have it.


I’ve experienced a bug where one of our four-pack got stuck in as monster, and it was a really great game. One of the most fun I’ve ever had, because we got to taunt and trash talk over external comms.

I’ve also experienced monsters trolling us by running out the timer and making it take as long as they can. I’m not saying that either of these behaviours is acceptable, but mathematically speaking 2 people having fun at the expense of 3 people could conceivably be considered “better” than 1 person having fun at the expense of 4.


Yes there will be a few trolls but more benefit will come out of it than bad stuff.


I just want to crush my friend without him complaining about the retarded bots.


I’ve had the same bug where I get put as monster and i had a blast with my friend.


My guess is that they don’t want people cheating their way to Elite Hunters/Monster in order to maintain what little longevity this game has.


You can grind for elites in solo.


That was the main reason they gave, but you can just as easily do that in custom games so that’s kind of moot. The only argument in that direction that makes sense is that they don’t want 1 or 2 players who want to play a real game to get placed into a game where the other 3-4 players are trying to grind mastery.


They don’t want people to throw the match. Like their friends on hunters, losing on purpose to give the monster wins for that damn leaderboard. That’s how I see it.


Maybe of wins/losses didn’t count for anything it could work! If it was really just for fun no XP or leaderboard stats.