Playing Monster is not fun! Critique and Rant!



this is a bit of a rant and critique topic in regards to playing Monster.

To put it simply its just not fun, its annoying, stressful and unrewarding.
The Monsters feel partialy clunky but especially BUGGY, this starts with collision, like leapshmash hitting a wall 3 meter to the side or just getting stuck on stuff thats barely touching the monsters pinky finger if at all.
There are also alot of bugs, like getting stuck during evolve, having corpses become unavailable during eating because they rolled 1 cm and no longer counting or having to retry a few times to eat a corpse.

On top of that Hunters are “abusing” (i use that term loosely here) all their mechanics to such an extent thats its just no longer bearable.
You have to constantly try to get them from the wall so they dont roach or tinkerbell around meanwhile you also have to constantly kill sunnys drone during this time of course the previous hunter (probably the medic) just roached up the wall down again or is now tinkerbelling over your head meanwhile you are slowed and dealt dmg through your armor by crow…i could go on and on with different hunter comps like Lazarus, Hank, Slim or so but i think you get the point.
IT’S ANNOYING, its not fun especially if the Hunters keep shittalking you like you dont know what, speaking of wich i’d like a mute all button so i can at least quickly mute those guys instead of suffering through all the taunting and insulting.

The best of all, winning as monster doesnt even feel rewarding anymore, why?
Simply because with all those Hunter buffs you either won because your enemies are just much worse than you or you lose because your enemies are competent, meaning they are premade or just some Hunters that can adapt and play together on the fly and abuse the Solo Hunter buffs to its fullest, and you couldnt do anything at all.

I play hunter myself and if i lose i can pretty much point it to flaws in our play, if i play monster i can just point at all the options the hunters have and the lack of counterplay on my side.

If i play Goliath its all about not getting roached or tinkerbelled to death, playing as wraith is hoping they dont camp the relay, kraken is all about hoping they dont have a dedicated banshee mine shooter.
It all comes back to: Do the Huntes play bad? You win! Do the Hunter play decent? You will lose.
You can argue that some Hunters and Huntercomps are stronger against some monsters than others but the majority is currently running the most effective comp anyway so the previous statement holds true even in that aspect.

Thats it, i dont even want to select monster anymore because of all of that wich is also why i made this post.
If no one wants to play monster anymore, except the most masochistic people, there is a problem.

Thanks for reading.

sincerely yours
Setsunai Seken


Only if you play bad.Decent hunters vs decent monster is 50/50%,i would argue its even skewed towards monster win.
Pro hunters and pro monster = prob hunters will win.But since it’s 4 people playing perfectly at the same time,i think that should be almost the case


I could pretty much make the op’s argument in reverse some times. As a Hunter player I often find that monsters lose not because we came together as a team too well, but because the monster didn’t anticipate that a dodge would happen, split focus too much or, most commonly, picked a poor route to flee and so got chip and chased to death.

However when we lose as Hunter it’s usually because the monster separated someone out, to varying degrees of it being an individual’s fault or excellent manipulation by the monster in it’s own right.

I think monster players, rightly or wrongly, think they should be able to hit some combo of moves and get the result at the end for simply stringing the attacks together, and evolve requires a little more than that to actually win the fight.

I’m still happy to play monster though, and it’s because it is still fun for me!


Now, as a foreword, I’m a legacy player of console. I tried to get Stage 2 to work on my Lenovo Ultrabook, but I’m pretty sure my graphics card just can’t handle it, so it’s a godawful framerate even for the tutorials.

I’ve found Monster play, once you achieve the proper knowledge to apply the Monster chosen correctly, to be vastly more rewarding and fun when against peer-ical Hunter teams, even pre-mades, than being part of a pre-made team going against a Monster that proves to be a challenge.


You are in the role of the Monster. You are the lone beast outfoxing a team of four on the other end of the connection. You’re thinking multiple moves ahead. The false trail to sudden juke to clear yourself some room to feed. Eyeing that nice little spot that looks so nice for a hunter dome, but is but an illusion, hiding your favorable terrain. The fake out that leads them expecting you to come where they watch, only to slam into them from behind and send their cohesion to hell and ruin. I’ll admit, I’m one hell of a bloody minded Monster player, but against a team that actually presents a challenge, I’m in heaven.

I can stream and gamecast when I’m just running into pub randoms, because for the most part I know I’ve got all the advantages. But when I get into matches with pre-mades, I tend to stop talking because I’m focusing too much on making my plays, reading theirs, and forming counter-plays on those observations to address any watchers I might have. It’s addicting.

When I have a close match as a Hunter, I’m always thinking, well damn, that was tough. When it’s as a Monster…

“Who’s ready for round 2?” :smiling_imp:

Now are there tactics that are difficult to overcome? Of course there are. The trick is to not look at them like an un-fixable nuisance, but to take them as a challenge. Learn to anticipate the roach. Misdirect them. Make them afraid of what’s yet to come.

I’m a player of both sides of the fence, having I don’t remember how many hours of play, all but I think one Assault, two Trappers, a Support, pretty much all the Medics, and a few Monsters elite’d out. But to me, while playing with my buddies as Hunters is fun…

…Stalking and murdering them in the dark as the Monster is one helluvah drug.


It’s not 50/50 anymore… After the latest patch it’s 40/60 hunter side or more.



in regards to dnc, your definition of decent seems to vastly differ from my own therefore i change it to “skilled” to better explain what kind of skill level i mean. Your response could have been shortened to “L2P” because you didnt touch any of my main points.

To niaccurshi, glad you still enjoy monster but dont assume iam totally clueless and want hunters to go down after i hit them twice. One of my main problems is the lack of options some monsters have and that the game feels less enjoyable as monster, for me at least.

To WhiteWolfMoon, stage 2 is less of a sneak and juke game and more of: Run to get to stage 2, try to fool the noobs into going in the wrong direction after they used the 30s cd planetary scanner and hope you dont get domed stage 1 and permachased for the rest of the game. Boiling down again to are the hunters bad or not.

To Sharpshooter, yes if not even more got a 34 winstreak with my duo partner playing only Hunter in Hunt mode.

sincerely yours
Setsunai Seken


I enjoy playing monster :stuck_out_tongue:

I find the level of challenge and intensity to be quite satisfying :smiley_cat:


I love playing monster, especially because I DON’T have to rely on random team mates. I love the adrenaline of it, and the challenge. Unfortunately, not enough of a challenge, as I still win some 95% of my games (and I’ve clocked in around 300 games on OG and MG)


The op’s point is that if the hunters do their job you wont win. You may have a perfect plan but your plan hinges on them messing up in one way or another. If they dont mess up you wont win.


Hunters have it good, they’re either a premade or get huge bonuses. In either case, if they are at least competent, it is their match to lose.

That’s the sad and really indisputable reality of the game, it’s biggest flaw despite being a great title.


I miss bushes. Probably my favorite monster tool from legacy to use.


@Setsunai_Seken I think there is some truth in your post, but I also think that as long as you have this kind of attitude where you find excuses and reasons for why you lost that are outside of your control, you will never improve as a monster player. I am sure you are not a perfect monster player, so there are always things that you can learn from losses and try and improve upon in the next game.

IMO if you wish to improve, you should always be asking yourself what you can do better, rather than focusing on other reasons for why you lost. You will always get weird bugs or glitches or the balance of certain hunters or perks will be in their favour etc. Your ego will always have these nice reasons for why you lost that you can use to protect yourself from actually admitting that you aren’t as good as you think you are and that you made mistakes.

I get it though, playing monster can be stressful and I think Evolve is a weird game where a close match can appear to be very one sided because of the way the hunters are able to mitigate damage and still appear to have full health. This also leads to people having large egos and shit talking after matches. Ignore those ignorant people, they are doing that to boost their own ego which again is a bad thing as this will result in them having a high opinion of themselves that is not based on evidence, so when they lose they will resort to finding excuses rather than reflecting on how they can improve.


gg’s earlier. 1-1 until next time :punch:


but she have a point on terrain collision am also having this issue where monster can go up this rock and 1 feet to the left this rock is claimable or a jump is stop by barely scraping a rock Goliath is greatly affected by those since he rely on his jump to get away


I still wonder. In theory… I mean how to balance the game. For the monster to be competitive against good premade but in the same time not too strong agains random pub?


That’s why. Try another monster(Wraith or Gorgon)…


I actually find myself playing monster quite fun tho. Yes it won’t let me eat wildlives sometimes, but all I need to do to deal with it is to just walk few more steps. Other than that bugs rarely happen.

Idk. I believe there are many monster players including me, and we wouldn’t be playing monster if we are not having fun. I feel sorry that you are not having fun with it, and I respect you opinion, but you need to clarify that it’s you who can’t have fun, not every monster players, because we are having fun. No offense.


We need change to planet skaner, when a good team seat on you back they will run at you until the end… and i want a sneak tactics…



first of, does this count as a necro?:sweat_smile: i didnt expect anymore responses at this time.

Well this post is 7 days old and i wrote it to vent a bit of my frustration, wich i also mentioned in my OP but let me add to it if you’d like.

Regarding bugs like feeding and colision detection…i have accepted them, they are still annoying and unnecessary but i have learned to mitigate the chances of them happening, even if that means i have to retry 10 times to evolve and waste a whole minute just evolving to stage 2 :expressionless:

@Wilson Its amazing what people can interpret into things. Iam aware iam not the best monster player in this universe, i dont aim to be it either but iam decent or pretty good or however you wanna describe it best. I’am also aware that i still make mistakes sometimes like getting caught in a bad dome place or such BUT what i wrote about the tools monsters are given in comparison to the tools the hunters have still holds true in my opinion.

I dont say it to hate on hunter, i enjoy playing hunter myself i can play all roles and know wich hunter goes good with the comp or not so much as well as wich monster struggles more agaisnt certain comps than others.
I also play multiple monster, my best being OG, Meaty, Wraith and Kelder and know how to play against them as a hunter therefore.

Regarding fun, i try not to take the game to serious for the time being and if the crappy matchmaking (wich is a fact that it’s utter shit, excuse my words) gives you equally skilled players it can be fun as either side, altough personally this is more the case as a hunter.

Wich brings me to the next point. The biggest problem next to some balancing issues is the matchmaking wich is heavily deciding how fun a match can be. As i wrote in the OP playing as the monster doesnt feel rewarding if you get matched against people much below your skill level and just destroying them or getting matched against premades or the like with thousands of hours into the game wich destroy you in return. The matchmaking seems to be unable to adequately match people at the moment for around 80%+ matches.

Therefore i came to the conclusion: Playing as monster can be fun but also stressfull and/or unrewarding mostly depending on how you got matched and how everyone treated each other in the game/chat.

The biggest problem therefore to having a mostly enjoyable experience is a solid matchmaking system followed by some balancing, bugfixes and qualitiy of life improvements (for example a mute all hunters button) in that order i’d say.

At the moment i play hunter monster around 50/50 and try to not get to competitive until said points have been improved.

Anyway if you made it till here, thanks for reading :smiley:

sincerely yours
Setsunai Seken

PS: An afterthought, if someone just thinks i’am a shitty monster/hunter i invite you to play some rounds together/against each other or if you’re just looking for more people to play with that’s fine as well either way write me a PM in that case.

PPS: @ScornfulEpex to whom are you writing and what do you mean :confused:?


I have. They just aren’t my playstyle. I liked wraith more so back in legacy when you could play stealthily, but even then was constantly drawn back to Goliath. Sure, I can win almost as easily with other monsters, but I simply do not like them.