Playing Medic


So I mainly play Caira, and I have a good w/l ratio with her but some games I feel like I do everything wrong cause I can’t keep the team alive cause it seems like everyone is taking too much damage, or I just get focused and die.

When we dome a monster I usually get somewhere high and sit there and heal my team and shoot fire nades when I can, and use healing burst from a safe spot that will hit the most people.

Now I will say sometimes I feel like my trapper never tries to help me live they just want to dps, I have been in a ton of games where Abe never uses his grenades to cc the monster then I get blamed for the deaths.

The last problem i have is teammates running behind huge cliffs to fight the monster when I feel like they should not chase.

Any thoughts to help me improve my game a bit?


Sounds like it’s mainly your team being retarded, not you! Just remember- that tactic works well with Val or Laz, but Caira is a more- shall we say, aggressive- Medic. She generally has to be closer to maximize AOE healing, while staying out of harm’s way. A general tip- Always be repositioning to have all team mates in your field of view to offer healing on demand.


As a fellow main Caira-Medic Player i have learned 2 things:

We are a pretty good AoE Healer, if 2 or 3 of our fellow hunters are damaged they should get close together and i will nade the to death äh full live i mean.

If we get Monster focus i normaly try the following things: grenade in front of myself to heal myself a bit, but thats only if the other options: using healing burst to get myself up, always the first thing i do as soon as my hp drop below half. Activate the speed boost so i can run away like a scared little girl and wait for heal burst or the monster to loose interest in me.

I also think that as good as a high spot for caira sounds, she works for me better if she is on ground or at least same lvl as the hunters and i try to stay either behind the monster or behind the hunters, because that way the healing comes faster, the grenades are not that fast.

And most important thing: phase 3 monster outdamage my healing output pretty easily so if they get hit a lot in succesion you just can’t heal them.

For the other Hunters i suggest: if you need a heal say so with your mic or hope that caira notices it. Don’t come near me and fly around me like a wasp because that is to close most of the time caira will have her healing burst on cd. Also flying hunters or hunter on higher ground are pretty hard to hit.

tl;dr: caira is in my opinion a medic that belongs to the hunters not above them, but the hunters should also know where not to stand or know not to fly if they wanna get a heal



I fully support what @MidnightMonash has said.

The biggest problem right now is that a lot of people are still going full blown ham when they see the monster. Not many, as of right now, are contemplating about the following: the placement of the healer/support, if the area you’re fighting in with your dome is good, or the fact that the monster will kite you around until it’s in a place where it’ll have the advantage. It’s going to take a bit for peeps to critically think about this 'cause many are still getting used to Evolve and finding their favorite hunters and getting used to the game itself.

Until then though, the best you can do is communicate with them and tell them NOT to fight inside a cave with the Goliath, or give Wraith a hug when she’s Novaing behind a cliff (assault Wraiths don’t exist though
***;<;***). Remind them that no amount of healing nade spam in the world can save them 'cause nobody can really face tank the monster. I’d imagine that most will listen to you, it’s a team game after all, but it’s hard to say 'cause ya never know who you’ll get in the world of matchmaking.

I wish you luck @Firon149 !


ure doing it right … thats just the team beeing retarded i hate it when someone gets focused and hes just kiting me arround the whole fucking dome

and u could still try to get a friend to play hank… hank+caira is insane


Never switch to fire grenades unless the Monster is literally running around in a dome or near 1 HP death, the problem with switching to fire grenades is that their damage is horrible and the delay to switch to healing grenades is small enough for a team mate to get bursted down against a competent Monster. You always want your healing grenades full and at the ready.

Any damage no matter how little it is, you keep them at full or sustained and their survivability increases significantly, this is what Caira does better compared to the other Medics. Also use Adrenaline to assist the team in running away if focused or deal more health damage when the dome comes down for offensive purposes (or speed trapper to get a dome down).

Combo Heal Burst with the healing grenades and use it often, team mates with half HP or lower obviously get priority.

Positioning is critical since her grenades have a lobbed trajectory, get the higher ground if possible and don’t lose line of sight, if you do lose sight change your position because your firing arc matters in healing and don’t forget to shoot at walls if your team is nearby since the AOE healing can heal through rocks and objects in a short distance.


Don’t play with randoms, play with friends.


Yeah i do most of those things, its just sucks to hear people screaming at you its your fault they died when I was clearly healing a ton.

For example I took notes of my damaged healed wins vs losses.

On wins i averaged about 10k on heal nades, on losses on the other hand i averaged around 25k and the highest i ever got in one round is 29k hp in heals just from the nade launcher. These numbers was letting me know the monster was just running around too freely in the dome doing what it wanted to do.


guess uve never played heal in any other game right? noobs are always blaming the heal :slight_smile: its just like in wow noobs are getting killed cuz they are not doing anything and blaming the healer .

and yeah i dont understand the “global average” thing iam MOST of the time WAY WAY higher my highest was arround 40k

about the napalm nades ure right normally they dont rly do dmg BUT i accidently put a whole mag into the monster while cabot was using his dmg plus and i did sooo much dmg for a medic


Caira is imo the best medic, she doesn’t have Val’s range and I think she doesn’t heal as quickly but her abilities more than make up for it. Your tactics sound fine as they are. And yes, you have my sympathies regarding your trapper, there are still too many trappers who think it’s their job to throw out the dps. You might get away with that against Goliath but Kraken and Wraith will destroy you if you don’t limit their mobility.


Have the same issues as you so I started trying a few things. For one I took the movement speed perk to help with running away from the monster and once the fight starts I only pop the speed burst when the monster tries to focus me. The other thing is that I stopped jumping in with the healing burst to heal someone, I usually save it for myself unless my teammate is within jetpack range.

Seems to work so far but still need to play a few more matches to see if its effective against most monster players.