Playing Goliath vs top tier teams


Anyone else thinks goliath feels like the hardest to play against top teams lately? And when i say top i dont mean elites, competitive teams, i tend to win with maybe 3 bars of health its a struggle, maybe because i stopped playing monster for a while but still, out of all monsters he feels the most challenging.


He has some of the hardest relay fights when the team is competent. He is definitely hard and same goes for wraith.

The easier Relay fights go to Behemoth and Kraken.


Depends on the relay for Behemoth. He sucks inside the Fusion Plant one.


Goliath is just well rounded. He has no glaring weaknesses but no super strengths either. So it’s harder to leverage wins as exploits on both sides are minimal.


Hail Mary your shots and you got em Good


Goliath is my baby how dare you talk about him in a weak manner. On a serious note, I played in the ESL #8 as goliath - went undefeated (1st place). Played in ESL #9 only lost 1 game (1st place)

So to answer your question… No Goliath has the highest skill cap and requires flawless mechanics to which I cant even grasp yet. Just takes practice man, just don’t blame your losses on balance and critique your play.


Trick is to try out your opponents before the good ol’ relay fight.
Engage them as soon as you hit max armor at stage 2. After a strike or 2, disengage, fill armor back up, re-engage.
Keep this up until you’re ready to evolve: NOW you’ve genuinely hit stage 3. Not the run-until-stage3 -way because then you won’t have a very fun time, fighting Hunters without strikes at the relay can be stressful for Goliath.


The hard bit is trying to run away to evolve to stage 2 when all of them are right behind you…


Whats a good skill order for Goliath?


I disagree, I think the only monster that’s easier to play with against competitive teams is Kraken.


Goliath is the most balanced monster.It can tank enough damage and it has a very good damage output.

Its simple.Hit your skills and you win.Get dodged and you loose.Goliath is a beautiful monster


I usually max out rock throw then do the same with leap smash and fire breath with CDR. But, against competitive teams I’ve also tried 2 in LS 1 in FB then maxing out RT then maxing out the other two abilities with damage bonus, which also works well, depending on what strategy you’re using.


Losses? Im 192 and 1 lol and i didnt say balances i said out of all monsters, i feel as if i can use kraken and wraith easier than goliath against teams.also i never said he is weak just goes under more pressure against specific pre mades


My two cents:

Goliath and Wraith have a harder time on relay fights because both mostly rely on the monster itself coming into close range of the hunters - Fire Breath, Rock Throw and Decoy notwithstanding. Leap Smash, Charge, Warp Blast, Abduct, and Supernova all require the monster to close into melee range to damage a hunter. This means that if the hunters prepare the terrain and position themselves effectively - typically places chosen to make it difficult for the monster to engage them, such as pillars on Dam and Fusion Plant - the monster has little choice but to engage on the Hunters’ terms. Drones/Mines/harpoon traps/etc can be destroyed at close range, but the fact the monster must approach to engage makes it easier for the hunters to track and deal with the monster’s current focus. Hank and Sunny can focus on whomever is physically closest to the monster because that’s where the monster will be dealing damage, making their support more effective.

In contrast, Behemoth and Kraken have greater utility with their ranged skills or otherwise pulling/knocking the hunters out of their prepared areas without exposing themselves; the ragdoll from Fissure and Vortex is particularly useful in controlling the battlefield. Behemoth’s melee attacks are indeed close range and do expose it to damage when it gets close, but since it can pull hunters to it that can upset the Hunters’ expectation of remaining in their prepared positions. Rock Wall can block LoS healing/shielding/boosting, altering the battlefield. And Kraken’s ranged attacks in general can shift targets at any time with minimal warning, adding additional confusion hunter teams must deal with.

In addition to the above, relay fights are probably the most practiced type of fight hunters experience - unlike domes that may land roughly anywhere, the terrain and strategies for it may be better known and planned for.You’ll plan for where you can shoot the monster off the relay while maintaining a defensive posture to deny its stage 3 skills. So even with uncoordinated pubs who wander the map, they will likely have SOME idea what’s going on when it comes time to defend the relay. Experienced premade teams may have ideal dome locations at chokepoints to try and achieve the same effect of a known battleground, but the relay is going to typically be more constant.

If I had to call out one issue specific to the Goliath, it’s how Markov’s mines ‘eat’ rock throws midair, seemingly without any of the rock’s AoE being applied to clear more than one mine. It’s a counter that is VERY specific to Goliath, and can rob the Goliath of one of its primary means of knocking the hunters from their chosen perches. I might prefer the mines not detonate immediately when the rock comes into range, but instead take damage normally when the rock lands (and perhaps be cleared by the AoE as applicable).

Obviously some may disagree with these points, but it’s what I’ve seen so far.



Yes goliath is my main but please understand what im saying, against the best teams (not randoms or average teams) he is the hardest to get wins with without being under heavy pressure, against average and randoms mate ill hit rock throws with my eyes closed


I usally use the same build against comp teams, i tend to use LS lvl 3 and RT lv 2 at stage two though works better for me


ur missing 1 point in that build :stuck_out_tongue:


Forgot to say 1 on FB lol


Yeah i understand.Isn’t that the point tho?To be hard against good teams?Goliath has less pressure than Kraken tho.I mean yeah Kraken is better than Goliath right now when people know how to use him.But even with the current state of Kraken it is slow AF.Goliath can take much more distance faster than Kraken or Behemoth.

Actually this.

You said it your self.Goliath works as intended.If every monster gets balanced the way Goliath is,we will have an almost perfect set of monsters.