Playing Evolve with a friend


I am interested in buying evolve me and my buddy, after reading a bit about the game, what we would like to know is the answer to a couple of questions:
1.) Since all the exclusive skins are only timed exclusive (does that include the golden skin?), we would like to know when would they be available for purchase?
2.) If I would like to just play against my friend, one is a hunter with a team of bots and the other as the monster in a custom game with custom settings (such as favouring the monster), would we be able to do that? or do we always have to play with others and cannot customize the games online?
3.) would there be any future special edition coming out or is the monster race the last one?

Thanks in advance

  1. All skins will be available in future weekend challenges at some point. The only exception to this is the golden Goliath skin.
  2. Yes you can do all of that, useful for getting the hang of new characters too.
  3. No idea for this, sorry.

Hopefully this helps :smile:


Hello and welcome to the forum!

To answer your questions:

1 - I believe all purchaseable (word?) skins are already available for purchase. All other skins should be available for free in upcoming challanges that TRS puts on. The one exception is the Gold Goliath Skin, which will not be offered again.

2 - Absolutely you can do set up custom games like that. You can also play offline.

3 - For PC, I believe PCMR is the last edition. Consoles just had an Ultimate Edition released.

Hope that helps!

  1. they are challenge exclusive and some might re-appear in future challenges, others will not. The development team has made a statement that any skin that was up for a challenge will not be made purchasable.

  2. You can definitely play one Hunter with bots and the other as a monster. Although, be reminded that this is solely great to learn the game as the bots tend to be worse than a good communicative Hunter team that knows how to dodge, roach, and so on. However, once you get better than that standard, you are good to go online. (You and your friend can even go together against a bot, Monster bots tend to be better than the Hunter ones, especially when you up the difficulty)

  3. So far no new “paid” content has been announced. However, they did announce variations of existing characters and Monsters, so keep an eye on the forums for future details :slight_smile: (those variations are FREE)

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Hi there firas724, welcome to the forum and to evolve. I’d recommend giving this topic a read to familiarise yourself with the forum.

Everyone else seems to have beaten me to answering your questions so I was a little slow apparently. :smile:

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the fast reply guys! haha,

Solid stuff, One question on the community events, say one missed all events for a particular skin, would he be able to get that skin at a later date from the store?


No, free skins must stay free. But you should have a chance to win them again!


All challenge skins will not be added to the store and all purchasable skins will not be available through a challenge. You will have more chances to earn each challenge skin later down the line so don’t worry. :slight_smile:


these community skins are basically skins that everyone that participated gets once the challenge is completed?

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Yes as long as u contributed (usually sometimes u just got play at all) you will get the skin.
What platform are you an your friend playing on?

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Correct. Assuming the goal is met, the skin is usually given out by the following Thursday at the latest. The challenges are always held on a weekend. Everyone who played at least 1 game online during the event will be given the skin that is up for grabs.


Yes, and the skins may crop up multiple times in different challenges. Almost everything should come back around, and I expect we’ll start to see some older ones begin to come back in upcoming challenges once the most recent skin series (Union Jack skins) are done.

Personally praying for the Voodoo skins to come back because I missed them all the first time around and they look really good.


Yes please. Ive also bin patiently waiting on those! Somebody ask the Queen of the Sewers if she cld work her magicks for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I very highly doubt TW could do anything about it. She’s just a Leader, after all. LadieAuPair is the one you should tag/PM in this situation, but I don’t think it’s important enough to do that. Certainly not in this thread.


Thanks for the answers guys! what would happen to the skins when the events are over? I mean there has to be a time when they are over right? We are playing on the PC btw.


Ohhhhh ok see thats my bad. Ive only bin on the forums for about 5 months, and whereas ive learned who the important(powerful!!!) peoples are, i have no clue which ones actualy work for TRS an which are just forum important. So leader is just a title for the forums? Good to kno. Maybe thete ahld be like a directory or somthin lolz


People with “Leader” and some iteration of “Moderator” (Maddcow’s “Mooderator” and Mountain’s TheModeratorThatRoars") are just forumites. Leaders only have the title next to their name. Moderators have blue highlighted names with their special title, and TRS employees have orange highlighted names with their special titles. I think it’s changed a few times, but that’s how it’s organized now.


Oh ok. Thank you kindly for that clarification. I am all the wiser now. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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