Playing Evolve too much


I have been playing so much lately that Im playing full matches of evolve out in my dreams. I just had when where I was Crow, with Lennox, Caira, Hank, and Goliath on Fusion Plant, and I remember all of the animations I saw in my dream being pretty much exactly how they are in the game. We won by the way.


How many hours do you play? O_O

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About 200, but lately I have been playing a lot more.


You’re not alone (though these threads are beyond even Lazarus’ reach)


You are definitely not alone, my friend.

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There’s no such thing as playing too much Evolve.

I play too little. 4 days Game jam = 0 Evolve. :cry: :sob:

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There’s my profile for Steam.


I try to play other games.
Bur I keep coming back to Evolve. I can’t stop.


I think all of us have done this at one point or another.

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still better compared to my world of Warcraft play time


Believed you play in ps4


Yeah me too m8, my concern is: what should I do once Gears of War UE releases in two weeks? Lol


Played it since Vanilla myself, you?

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Vanilla as well

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Nice, going to play Legion?
Getting the collectors myself, have all of the boxes for the expansions.


At the moment I’m debating buying legion off the bat might wait to see how it starts out then go from there lol


Eh, I’ve played every expansion so far, figure I shouldn’t start missing them now. ^.-


don’t play evolve or other shooter in the evening, it’s not healthy. especially when you are a student, it disturbes your learning.


Yeah, its better to stay up all night and morning playing it.

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I try to even it out with bouts of DragonAge Inquisition and Portal so I don’t go ‘completely’ insane