Playing as the monster


…is fucking EXHILERATING!

Just had a running hunt playing Kraken. They were on my ass. Got domed 4 times. They had Laz and I got killed at stage 3 with the relay nearly destroyed. 20 minute match.

Lost. Had a BLAST!


You lost at Stage 3 as a Kraken? What amount of points were allotted to what moves?


I just ain’t that good.


He was domed four times. Im suprised he made it stage 3 at all.


Not trying to brag here at all, but I’ve won all but one Hunt as Kraken, and generally all my hunts end when I hit S2. If you’d like some pointers I’d be happy to give you some. Just PM me friend. :blush:


I think it is awesome you’re playing as Kraken! Keep up and soon enough you’ll defeat your enemy and win the match. Stage 3 Krakens can be defeated by good hunters. ^^ You just need to adjust your strategy before the engagements.

Try to set a target and stick to it. ^^
If what Myala said is true, then he actually did a good job. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m surprised he was domed 4 times to begin with. Again, not trying to sound like a jerk. He did very well if he did get domed that many times, lol.


4 times. Twice at stage one. Crazy match. I think they were a pre made. Well coordinated.

ETA They were running Abe. That’s why I couldn’t get away. He was good.