Playing as the monster isn't worth it


Let me say this; I loooove the monsters of evolve and the design of them. Now that I have that out of the say I’ll make my point. I see absolutely no point in playing as a monster. Most of the time you’ll encounter the same hunters over and over again and get destroyed. And before you say to get good at the game, I’ve invested TONS of hours into the game and I’m pretty high up on the leaderboard with each monster, especially kraken (103rd). But this game is simply too stressful for the monster. I wish there was a way to make it a little more fun but I doubt there is. No one likes the feeling of being chased, hunted, trapped, and completely slaughtered. Every match I play my adrenaline starts pumping and my heart beats out of my chest. I’ve mained monster up until now but I’m starting to just want to switch to hunters. It’s more fun, easier, less stressful, and all of that pressure isn’t on just you


They’re these mystic and majestic beings called friends that the stories tell of. They speak of great times and enjoyment. I suggest you seek them out. Many have tried, many have failed, but for you there is hope. Take a smile and happiness with you, for they may not except you if you don’t.


I personally don’t think it’s fun fighting friends as a monster. If you’re playing hunters then yes but no me and 4 other friends.


Really? That’s really the only solution. If that doesn’t do it for you, then I don’t know what will.


Its a competitive game though. Its meant for tournaments against people you don’t know


I guess Evolve just isn’t for him because without the Monster your just a Hunter running around drawing dicks on walls with bullets until the timer runs out


This sounds exactly like me when I play monster, haha. I do know some people who don’t get as worked up while playing monster, and I’m just like “how?!”

Anyway, perhaps the changes that monsters are receiving in TU9 will make it more fun for you. I don’t know what monsters you play, but Goliath is getting some sunshine back in his day, Behemoth’s going to be faster, Wraith’s Decoy rework will make it more reliable, monsters will be faster out of combat, as well as even more changes we haven’t heard yet. They’re getting stronger in a way, so maybe that would give you more confidence on the chase and in a fight as monster, thus making it more enjoyable. :slight_smile:


I realize the monster is the main aspect of the game but unless you want to feel deeply stressed I can’t find a reason why you’d want to be the monster


I hope so. I have faith in TRS. I play every monster every now and then btw


Doh, I just realized you mentioned the leaderboard thing for ALL monsters. My bad. :sweat_smile:

And yeah, I have faith in the changes we’re getting. TRS is putting a lot of work into it, moreso now that they have all this extra time to iron it out.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


1: They are unique in there own way and they allow you to feel powerful

2: They are insanely fun as hell to play with

3: There skill sets bring me joy, as I am a power lover

I think most people here can agree with 1 and 2 maybe a tiny bit with number 3


I’ve never taken a dic pic before :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with your points but the stress level against high level players is just too much for me


I’m one of those weirdos that actually enjoys that feeling of stress as you play Monster. It’s the good kind! :smiley:


I actually play with bots which is more fun (for me) after small or big patches because they change in different ways to play


It’s almost like you wrote a summary on why I stopped playing.


You don’t play anymore :frowning:


Last time I actually played was probably over two or three months ago.


Dang dude. I’ve still been playing. It’s still hunter favored yes, but I deeply love this game. Btw the new DOOM is coming out on May 13th and it’s going to have multiplayer where you can play as some of the badass demons, ya wanna join me on that when it comes out? It looks like an awesome game.