Playing as the monster is pretty easy


Run around and get level 3. Even if the Hunters manage to catch up or cut me off, constantly ‘sniffing’ allows me to know when I’m running into a trap. Once level 3, find the Hunters (easy) and destroy them due to mass armor and HP.

I’d much rather see 4 Hunters vs 2 Monsters that are slightly less powerful so that the Monster doesn’t have to play by themselves and so the game has a little more depth than “Achieve level 3. Win.”

Won’t be buying the game at this point. Not to mention I have to unlock a ton of arbitrary achievements in order to use other Monsters?

Turtle Rock: Replayability doesn’t mean “Takes x hours to start playing the game” - that’s the WoW approach. Some unlocks are fine, but you’re fundamentally creating imbalance. What about later on when heavily experienced players are fighting lower level players who don’t have the same perks? Imbalanced fight right from the start, just based on the stats of the players. Bad formula. Rework the formula that makes this game fundamentally fun to play and I’ll buy it. 2 v 4 is smarter, 4v4 is smartest - you had it right with L4D. 4v1 is looking like a real snoozefest.


Keep in mind that you’re also playing with hunters who are still getting a feel for how to play the game. Once you go up against some vets, I don’t think Monster will be that easy.

Also, the progression system does force you to use and get used to how each of the abilities work, and will allow you to get acclimated to the Kraken and currently unannounced 3rd monster faster.


The matchmaking system is design to not let this happen.


I think its hard to say at this point how easy/hard the various roles will be. Give it some time while people learn how things are supposed to be done. I saw a lot of hunters getting stuck in fauna for example, and that gives a huge advantage to a monster but can easily be remedied via more experience.


I say stick around til sunday maybe the servers will be perfect and the dev team can start playing with us. if you see a post on playing against the devs i GARUNTEE that you will not make it to stage 3. and you will lose :). so keep playing and master your skills you will run into a team of pros and get stomped. for now your fighting newbies of course its easy :slight_smile:


So what you’re saying is you destroyed a bunch of newbs and that means the game is unbalanced?


Based on the previous Alpha and then a round each as Medic and Monster this time you shouldn’t get comfortable, people are just learning. Won the match as Medic before he even got to Stage 2. Helped I’d hit him with the first tranq within the first 2 minutes and stayed with him consistently from there. We converged, mobile arena, done before it could even drop a single squad member.

Monster was able to get to Stage 2 without getting hit at all, saw them coming and took out their Assault who was leading too far to buy time and space, got to Stage 3 and slaughtered them all.

All a matter of who you’re playing, and based on how quickly people adapted last time expect things to ramp up quickly when people “get it”.


I guarantee you if the hunters are good and work together, you’ll have a bad day. In the first alpha I had the honor of getting matched against a full team of TRS folks, including @DamJess, and I had never even been the monster before. Well, they obviously turned me into pulp within a few minutes. However by the time we’d played for a few hours, I could just ALMOST beat them. It was a trial by fire.

I’ll tell you right now though that since those games, I haven’t lost once as the monster. No one else has been coordinated enough. If I meet up with them again this time, things will be different. :wink:


You know what. We had a monster which wasat lvl 3 and gave us a hard time. but we won. because I could land a perfect orbital barrage.


Here’s my current strat as the monster. Run towards food, eat till full armor and energy, then turn and fight hunters. I only hit stage 3 if I feel like stomping around like Godzilla.


I can only point out that the matchmaking is pretty non-existent, cuz very often (around 2 out of 3) I get scrambled with players atleast 5 lvls above me, which is pretty annoying as they nuke me every time, w/o even getting close to stage 2.

Also there is something that annoys me very much:

  • The round begins
  • You get control of monster
  • Almost everytime after I get control: The Hunters are coming (Instantly)

That’s sh*t, cuz pretty every YT video shows that there is a time between the gaining of control and the release of the Hunters, as for me, almost everytime I gain control, I’m instantly followed by hunters.


Learn to crouch and sneak. They’re on top of you because you’re leaving them a trail or acting a fool and trying to attack creatures to eat too close by, allowing them to hear you. It has gotten to the point where I almost always get to Stage 2 before anyone even finds me.