Playing As Parnell


This thread is pretty straight forward. To those you have played as Parnell, what wisdom can you bestow upon us? What is he good at? What is he bad at? You know, the basics.

I preordered from and therefore did not get to use Parnell. He looks interesting.


I honestly felt like my damage output was way less with Parnell than the other assaults but apparently a graph macman posted said he was the highest damaging. I need to play a little more with him and get a good feel. A big part of him is supersoldier (obviously) but then emptying a weapon and switching to the other weapon and repeating. The health regen perk was nice with him because you could keep throwing out supersoldier without worrying too much about getting yourself to 30% health without even taking hits from the monster.


Instead of reloading, switch weapons. Once you get two stars in the weapon switch perk, you can empty your shotgun, switch to the rocket launcher, empty it as well and switch to the shotgun before you finish reloading.

Parnell is mainly a DPS assault, but with his super soldier ability, he deals more burst damage than Hyde. So he is a jack-of-all-trades sorta guy, but really good.


I tried him a few times and so I can say only basics. Shotty for short range, missile launcher for anything else. Use Super Soldier -ability at point blank range and preferably, when the monster isn’t looking at you or you get swatted away. Parnell is like angry bee, when using SS and no-one wants to be near angry bees. There’s a tell-tale red glow on him, when he’s ready to sting the monster.

Now that I think about it, maybe SS could be used as a deterrent of sorts to make the monster back of from it’s target. Still, it’s no orbital barrage.


Ya its all about the weapon switch when you supersoldier I generally went with the perk that does that and by the time I unloaded that clip my other gun had usually reloaded and I could get a few more shots out of that before the supersoldier ended. i assume this onyl gets easier as the rank up super soldier for increased duration


Its simple friend.At first i thought he was bad but i was like,there’s no way TRS wouldn’t have figured it.Then it came to me.Its all about switching weapons.Its not like markov or hyde that you will only use your lighting gun+flamethrower.
You get close to the monster,pop up the SuperSoldier ability and start attacking like a maniac.When the clip is over you never reload.You switch weapon.If you do it fast enough you can get at least 3 clips of shotgun and 3 clips of rockets until the SuperSoldier effect wears off.

I tried him with Damage Perk and Item Switch Perk.Item Switch provides him with more dps.So pick that perk always and never run away when SS is open.Keep attacking and open your shield if needed.But the key on Parnell is the Item Switch Perk


The biggest thing people don’t realize is that Parnell is about Burst, not sustained, damage. You need to play to this strength. If you have someone that can do weakpoints, wait until those are up before using Super Soldier. Also, your shotgun is WAY better than your rocket launcher, but the shotgun has terrible accuracy long range. Use rockets to get close and then use the shotty. Like what other said, swap weapons instead of reloading.

Parnell requires more teamwork to make best use of his damage potential.


He is very direct in how he damages without any of the other Assault’s zone control.

His damage potential with Shotgun meatshots and Rockets, if you can land them, is insane with SuperSoldier, but if you don’t get in a lot of damage then he is weak.

I prefer Markov personally - I had trouble really using the SuperSoldier against Monsters that run and knock me away.


I just don’t see Parnell doing particularly well against Wraith with the rockets unless he is in close range due to her small profile and manueverability. I personally think Parnell makes more sense as tier 2 since his range lets him deal with Kraken alot better than Hyde or Markov can since their main damage is such short range


My thoughts exactly. Parnell deals a ton of damage in a very short period of time with SS, and then his damage drops off severely afterwards. He can absolutely get the most out of weakspots and is a natural partner for the damage amp, but without teamwork and coordination he’ll likely be less effective than Markov or Hyde.

If you’re picking Parnell in the hopes of fighting long drawn-out battles with sustained DPS you’re doing it wrong.


Okay, I have some questions for you guys.

How does the shotgun damage works? Damage per pellet? Or is it enough to just hit the enemy with one pellet to deal maximum damage?

Let’s assume Parnell is on a team with Lazarus, who put a dozen weakspots on Monster. He shoots in the body with shotgun and hits several weakspots. How the damage amplified then? Per pellet? Or per round? If per pellet, it’s profitable to play with Lazarus, if per round - with Val.


Per pellet and multiple pellets can hit multiple markers


i did mess around with the reload speed perk , as i dont like the dmg the rocket dose at close range , i was able to reload faster with the shotgun than shooting with the rocket wile wating for the shotgun reload , pluse SS and the personal shiedl CD is reduce


Lots of good advice here. I second the regeneration perk since it starts healing you automatically after you pop the super soldier if your not being attacked. Also you can use it as a speed boost in a pinch. You really want good jetpack management to close the distance and avoid knock back. Never reload switch weapons.

My super soldier sequence goes like this. SS start firing rockets while moving closer. Switch to shotgun and open fire or boost closer if need be. Then keep switching between your weapons. Don’t use your shield till about 30% health or if your about to take massive damage: level 3 rock throw, lightning strike, supernova.

Float like a butterfly but sting like a Rage Trooper.


I can’t wait to try this guy next week!


Yeah I love Parnell but I don’t think he brings as much as Hyde or Markov. He can certainly beef that up with Cabot but so can Markov and Hyde. Especially Hyde.


I thought so too when i played Parnell but after the 4th time with Item Switch Perk i changed my mind


is it really that good on parnell? wouldn’t ability cooldown be better so you can supersoldier more/faster?


Item switch, regeneration, and item reload are all good. Also increased magazine.


The item switch does let you get more damage out of the super soldier since you don’t waste as much of its time inbetween weapons