Playing as monster with group of friends


I was just thinking today when playing with my mates, why haven’t they allowed us to play each other in turn as a monster, that’s why I got this game so I could destroy my mates, surely you all want to do it too?

Why haven’t they allows this? Perhaps exploiting the game? Well how about that specific game mode you can’t get exp. I’m sure that would be an easy way around that.

Either way i think it’s a simple and easy thing for them to add. What uou think?


You can play custom games with your friends. You can earn XP and mastery, just no leader board ranks.


This or get five guys together and you will be able to.


But surely a matchmaking mode would be good too right? To meet more groups and people. It’s not a huge ask.


Might not sound like much to ask for but it depends on how much work it would take to implement.


Well, it can’t be that hard, it’s literally custom game mode, with matchmaking, just combine the 2.


There’s a little more to it than that.


Personally I don’t like the idea to let your party members allow to play as monster.
Scenario: One guy as monster, the other as a hunter (doesn’t matter which role) and the hunter supports more the monster than his “team” (not reviving and stuff). The other three hunters will be pissed off.


I am pissed. I stopped playing this game 2 days after launch for this reason

  1. I don’t have enough friends to play full party games
  2. I want to play monster with them
  3. I don’t want to play alone
  4. I can’t recommend this game to my other friends because I stopped playing it because it can’t ever play monster
  5. I don’t care about you reason about “possible exploits” if you let me try to pwn my only other friend as a monster. I want to play monster with my friend.
  6. I hate you.