Playing as monster in a party - please turn it back on


I get it, people can take monster in a party and throw the match away for their buddies to earn them some points on their winstreak and an extra 50 Silver keys. People can talk on Teamspeak or whatever. My buddies and I do this. Either everyone shuts up when the monster in in the same channel because we want to kill the monster, or people tell joke and talk smack. It’s fun, we make friends. If we want to tryhard We have the ranked gamemode

But at the same time, the number of people willing to do this are surprisingly low. People who want to farm easy games like that are more likely to just hack anyway. We don’t really gain anything from having this restriction.

On the other hand, what we lose is:

  1. if the monster leaves the game because he doesn’t want to play monster, your options are to either search again for a new lobby, or play against a bot. I didn’t come online for bots, I came online to play against people.
  • if I have less than four friends to play with, and we want to have a go at each other as monster, and drag a pub in, we can’t. There’s basically no downside to this unless someone wants to grief, which is almost as bad as hacking, and we punish people for that, right?

  • Playing as hunters over and over again in unranked is monotonous, it’s just restriction for the sake of security with no real benefits.I can understand doing this in a leaderboard (which we have) but it makes no sense in an unranked game mode where I - a 200 game, level 40 wraith - regularly get matched up with people who don’t have icons, and have less than 3 hours in the game. How is this matchup better than boosting? What’s the point? It’s not even fun for anyone


YES BRING IT BACK!!! I hate not being able to play as monster with my friends because I always have the most fun when telling them that I’m right behind them when I’m not, and just joking around in general.


They just need to make it a toggleable option and it’s perfectly fixed.


I don’t know why it’s not a toggle option in preferences, it’ll fix this whole issue.


Who toggles it though, if you have a party of 2 + 1 + 1 +1 or 2 + 3, who gets to toggle it?

Also, what happens if a party of 2 matches with a party of 3? is this somehow impossible?


Party Leader.

Not sure but obviously someone needs to go and at that point it’d be done by preference. This still happens you know.


Yes, please bring it back. It is just boring to play hunter over and over again.
And custom game is no alternative, because there the party is fllled up with npc’s and you don’t really have a chance against a human played monster with two or three bots, so that makes no fun at all.

If the game stays like it is now, we actually won’t play it for much longer because you removed the biggest advantage over other shooters.


I think a dev post yesterday said they are discussing whether or not to turn it back on with the new queues after the next update


That would be great, thank you !


Agreed, my groups play time has gone down significantly since the introduction of having to ask for monster, and last night when we logged on and saw the monster was entirely disabled in a party, we just logged back off. Our only option before was queue, hope we get someone who is okay with trading monster, otherwise dodge rinse repeat -_-.


Then again those who dont want to play as monster in a party (me included) will have to leave and search again. As @10shredder already said pls make it a toggleable option.


I would like to put in my two cents regarding this change. As someone who’s played since the first alpha release, I would love for Evolve to flourish. However, with this kind of change I cannot see this game lasting with casual partied players. When Evolve first came out I convinced many of my friends to buy the game at launch. When we all began to play together and noticed the inability for us to play as monster when partied, we lost a lot of our enthusiasm. I was incredibly affected by this change because I loved to play monster and playing against all my friends during alpha/beta was some of the best fun I’ve had with Evolve. When stage two allowed my friends and I to play monster (if the random did not want to play monster) was what sold us to redownload the game and give it another go. When queing as a four man party, rarely did we find another random player who prefered monster resulting in one of us switching roles (normally a monster -> hunter) with our random. Now queing with us four after the patch has made que times unbearable and extremely deterring. Most of the time our random prefers a hunter role and upon realizing that they have obtained monster with the inability to change their role, they simply quit sending us back into the queing simulator. You may be asking, why not play ranked? To that I respond with “ranked? I only know about 10 minute que simulator…” So as a veteran player, I would like to say that this is a change in the wrong direction. If any devs are reading this, please take my opinion into consideration. Thank you for reading.



Agreed, the change in Stage 2 was also what brought us back as our enthusiasm died for it when would couldn’t play as a party. As of now we have stopped playing. I hope this change is reverted so we can resume.


Here is the link to the dev response to this question.


Like others in here, I began playing significantly less since they blocked us from playing Monster against our friends. I’d love for it to be back on, I’ve been saying this since the day they changed it.


If its just a bug, I don’t see why the devs can’t just immediately fix it with a hotfix. Especially since they have already identified it.


And another unfortunate quote from the thread:

Really unfortunate to hear. I understand the need to fix griefing, but there has to be a better solution to this. The toggle option sounds nice for parties. As for now I showed the quote to my friend group and two of them uninstalled as they were holding out for a hopeful reenable -_-. I guess I’ll just check the reddit occasionally and see if they ever revert.


That was their response almost a month ago. The one that I linked was from a day ago.



Yes, the one you linked is response to swapping, the one I linked is in response to queuing.