Playing As Cabot


I started a thread earlier about Parnell and a lot of good info came from it. So, I thought I’d try it again with Cabot.

As someone who didn’t get to play as Cabot, but very excited to play as support, I’m wondering how he plays? Anything he does well? Anything I should stay away from? Bring us your tips and tricks to better the community!


Even tho I appreciate these type of threads, don’t make one for each hunter please


I really love Cabot. I find, though, that he is best used in hunt, and not all the time. There are 2 main things to know how to do when playing Cabot. One is to know when and where to throw down the Dust Tag. I usually do it only if I know there is a monster somewhere near where I am tagging. If you see birds, try to guess your quarry’s direction and throw down the dust. With a trapper like Abe or Griffin, the second you see something light up, try to tag. Also, do it in the dome, as it keeps the monster from hiding. The second thing is his amp. You need to coordinate with your Assault to use it, and it drains fast. You need to know when to throw it on and when to whip out the rail cannon to your own damage. Cabot is a great accessory to tracking, and does great damage. He is not amazing at turtling, and some maps with large cave systems cause him to be less effective. Sorry for wall of text, hope this helps.


There’s actually a section of tips and tricks dedicated to the leader of the group, Cabot, which can be found here!

Other classes, hunters and Monstar’s can be found at @SledgePainter 's thread.


On only going to make them for tier 3


are you saying you are Noob Cabot?

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Great thread! Thanks for the link. I’ll stop making these threads :wink:


It’s a good thread honestly, why not PM a mod and ask if they can merge all of them?
Then re-organize it and segment each one in your main post with the best ideas you heard?

That would be a very useful topic eventually that I imagine would get pinned! <3


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