Players with 40+ hours and above, please read me


Let me start with the fact that I enjoy this game and what content was offered. I could complain left and right and at the same time understand the choices. The community seems to be up in arms about this game. Aside from the patch coming and the obvious glitch issues existing, what else is causing the issue? Is it strictly the bad PR? I hear a lot about content being the issue, so a lot of people are waiting for a sale. I have encountered many glitches in this game. Many of them extremely game breaking. Currently I stand at the fact that most of my friends have quit playing it. I know a few on another platform, but that doesn’t help me. This game is literally at Dark Souls 2 level player numbers. See Chart:,550,236430#1m . The player numbers in the last days have been even lower than DS2. I played DS2 for 60 hours and never picked it up again. I expected a LOT more time out of this game. I am currently right at the 60 hour mark. From nobody being online ( literally seeing the same gamertags over and over ), to the monster preference issue, I get extremely frustrated. How do you feel?

TL;DR I enjoy this game but am disappointed in the community. I have played quite a few hours in a short amount of time. I just don’t feel it’s worth it with the community going so fast. I am hopeful something will change, but the numbers are bad. See Chart:,550,236430#1m


I have 275 hours and still enjoying the game immensely :no_mouth:


[You probably should have labeled this post “PC” since you’re referring to Steam numbers.]

I think you’re pretty spot on with your assessment. All of those are surely playing their part. However, I wouldn’t look at any of this as a death sentence. The game has some growing pains to work out. We’ll get our balance patches and our additional content and people will trickle back. I ain’t scurred.


lol do life so you played 11 days and a half staright lol


I am doing life as well :stuck_out_tongue: full time student!

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Once the first patch comes out, and also the release of Tier 4, I am sure we’ll see the numbers pick up and level out to a more realistic degree. I think the numbers will again climb.


I am trying to see how the community feels, not just PC players. I stated some specific stuff about PC, however I wouldn’t imagine the consoles are doing a whole lot better.


when? when is the bug patch? when is the balance patch? when? we’re tired of hearing “its coming”. this isnt game of thrones. set a date (or an estimated date) and try to stick to it.


I have to admit that was funny. I do agree with Sledge. I can use an old saying though. You can hope in one hand and %^&* in the other. See which one fills up faster.


As always. First patch is slow because it’s a patch that should enable them to patch easier in the future. They are paving the way forward for easier/faster/better patching. So, the first one is “long” one. Then it should get a LOT better and glaring issues should be fixed quickly. Just hang on. I know I will =).


All I can say is they are working on several issues that they are putting into the patch. They are going to nail the biggest problems also, so rest assured. However, it’s taking more time because there’re several issues they want to address all in one patch. You won’t have too much longer to wait though.


60 hours still loving it!


110 as of yesterday. Probably going to hit 115 tonight because I have no pressing concerns.


I’m still playing regularly, but since I only play as a part of a party I’m part of the problem as far as the “monster preference” issue goes, assuming you’re talking about being forced to play monster when you don’t want to.

The game will probably pick up a bit again after the first balance patch, and then each DLC release will probably see another temporary surge. There are probably a ton of people were turned off by the price and the marketing, and are waiting for a good sale. Then you’ve probably got plenty of people who “finished” the progression and lost any interest in digging any deeper into the game, who are likely to pick up a new monster or hunters to finish as well.

Even when all that happens though, I wouldn’t really be too surprised to find out that the average ongoing player numbers never get too much higher. That just seems to be how it goes with this sort of game. Look at Payday 2 - its player count is roughly double Evolve’s, and it’s been out for ages. They’re still putting out new content and DLC and have pretty frequent sales. Give it some time for the people on the fence or the people waiting for the right price to pick up the game and start playing.

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I have 134 hours and I balance game time with modding, and I still can’t get enough! But I will say it’s always better playing with a team you know or other forum members who have a leg-up on knowing how to perform in battle.

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Disclaimer: I am not saying everyone is terrible, everyone here (excluding a few) on the forums are wonderful people and nice to communicate with. This is currently just my experience with Evolve.

I have 250 hours, (beta and alpha is 100 of those) and I’m still loving it, can’t wait for Behemoth. The community is toxic in my opinion, if you miss one dome, one tranq, one dust tag you’re a “scrub”. But if you land every dome, every tranq and every dust tag no one says anything.

And that, is why I main monster.


Game is wonderful, community focuses on your faults and not your success, making it horrible to play as a hunter. (unless you have friends, or if you meet genuinely nice people).

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I’m at the 200 hour mark and there still is fun to be had in the game.

Just stay positive and say the best you can about the game, everyone knows the bad about the game at this point, but tons of people aren’t saying the positive.

Tell whoever you are in the lobby with in each game something you enjoyed out of your last match, optimism can catch on.

Get in the habit of telling people on your friends list on whatever platform you’re on good things about Evolve and all games you play.

In the end we’re all gamers, we don’t have to be cynical and review the state of every game as we go.

It creates a kind of confirmation bias when we all say its dying, and convince ourselves its not fun, when I can have fun in solo mode or with my friends, or sometimes even in pubs (when I don’t care about losing) :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m at 51 hours. Still addicted. I play on the PS4. I’ve never had any issues getting into a game or finding people. I haven’t came across the same PSN names, as far as I know. I can’t say it for other platforms but the PS4 community seems to be pretty good and I haven’t experienced any headaches with matchmaking. I’ve disconnected a few times but that’s about it.


Really? I haven’t faced this toxicity at all yet. I’ve run into less than ten people who I’ve disliked playing with.

Here’s the list of those:
Guy one was raging when I joined. Apparently the previous medic was bad, but in the two minutes while I was waiting to spawn (medic left after dying) he was the most angry person I’ve encountered. I left before I even spawned.

Guys 2 through 5 were a group that refused to communicate. They would talk and yell at me for trying to coordinate. I left immediately after the game ended.

Guys 6 through 9 I ran into in an evac mode. I was playing monster and joined after the first match started, so I took over the wraith bot. These guys raged and swore at me for winning in the first match and it continued through the four renaming games (I played goliath and kraken), saying I was cheap if I won and saying I sucked if I lost.

Throughout my 100 hours, this makes up only 1%. I remember these asshats because I keep perspective with it. 1% of the game time I have spent has been with people I wouldn’t associate with, and considering my views on humanity itself that’s far better than the world itself.


220 hours, still in love with Evolve.
Can’t wait for future updates. :slight_smile: