Players should NOT be able to spend the entire game in idle "take a break" mode


I see no reason why they shouldn’t be kicked automatically about 5-10 minutes. You can’t even hotswap over to them since the player is technically still there.


Whenever you take a break using this, it says, “You can still be kicked for inactivity while taking a break!” And it does kick you after a while. About seven minutes, is it?


There must be something wrong with it, then, because I’ve played through entire games where a hunter or monster was played by an AI. And I mean like, fifteen minutes plus.


I have seen players connect and have the Ai evolve up to stage3 before taking over multiple times … If it goes south for the AI they just disconnect…


There should probably also be a thing that limits number of “take a breaks” possible in a game. It wouldn’t entirely alleviate that issue, but I think it’d help a bit, I’ve seen plenty of people do that, too.


I ran into this yesterday. Two players (the monster and our support) were idle for 2 entire rounds on evacuation. My party if three left after that.

Does anyone know if you get mastery progression or level xp from the bot’s actions while you are idle? Maybe people are making sure to join then re-idle so they play out evac without being kicked while watching tv. This was on Xbox.


There is people so bad in gaming, that actually the bot plays better then them. So they let the bot do all the work for them until a good occasion approaches. Poor beings. I pity them.


they are pressing take a break then join game after a few minutes then take a break immediately. sad but true. especially when the trapper does it -.-


I have seen people who change to AI so the bot can shoot me while i’m sneaking.


I just had a match where our Trapper was idle for ten minutes before being kicked. -_- It was awful…I couldn’t even hotswap over because it was still occupied…


well maybe they’re having a kitkat


I feel like the limit needs to be brought down by a large margin! I’m thinking 4 minutes of inactivity as being the kicking point!


People don’t get kicked when they’re idling for the whole match because they probably have one button constantly pressed while they’re doing nothing which keeps them from being kicked


It doesn’t matter- when you’re Idling, that button press doesn’t translate to in game actions, so you will not be kicked.

More likely they just toggle it on and off every couple of minutes. :


Yes. Even less won’t hurt, I would say 2 minutes (plenty of time to take a piss, connect/swap a controller with low battery, etc.).


That’s so perverse


As much as I am for this, 2 minutes is a little too quick. I unfortunately find sometimes I need to let me dog out, and she is finicky sometimes! I understand sometimes you just need a couple minutes. But 7 is usually half to a full game! (Not counting wraith matchups)!


It’s quite an annoying feature, I guess it’s there for some reason lol.


I don’t actually see any benefit of having this option, it only gets abused…


that moment when a guy is losing and he lets the ai goliath take over and you suddenly start losing REALLY badly because that damn ai goliath is god tier