Players quit Evolve cause frustrating ranking system, please TRS adjust it!


So I make it short. Even I complain often about the ranking system but I still playing Evolve cause I like this game and the mechanics but a lot of people quit Evolve cause this frustrating ranking system.

I met a lot of people in Evolve over the time most of them just casual players with nice teamplay. But almost all of them quit Evolve cause they think this reward system is bullshi*

They complain always about:

  • Getting one or two points but losing over ten up to 20
  • If you fight a Monster way over your own skill you still can lose a lot of points (random)
  • If you fight a Monster way over your own skill and you win, you get not that much points what you deserve.
  • Basically if you fail once all the hard work what you did in the last hours are away
  • You can be the best medic for example with really good healing but is doesnt count only a win counts not your personal performance.

So guys this is what I heard about Evolve in my voice parties and honestly I have to agree with almost every opinions. But what me really makes sad is that a lot of them quit Evolve cause of these things.

TRS, just make the ranking system not that frustrating and you will keep more players.


They quit because of their rank? Don’t believe it.

There is also quick play, I suggest you play that.


I am fine with ranked. I just told you what people say to me in the voice chat. I think all of you want more players…

Yes and no, quick play is boring over the time you dont have a challange. So people like to play for the rank like in CSGO. Hunt ranked is that mode what people hold to play Evolve but when its too frustrating they just quit.

And again for me its fine but I think more player would be nice…


The most reason why players quit. Is that the monster players avoid fights unless they are stage 3 with full health and armor … monster are going for elite buffs

Suggestions :

Remove elite buffs
Making elite buffs lower than perks buff
Preferred »»» Remove elite buffs after 10 min of starting the match »»»» to enforce fights early on

Reason : those buff should only motivate monsters to fight early on and make an amazing experience for hunters & monsters

But in stage 3 … monster can win on their own

Those buffs with stage 3 monsters is too much for the hunters to handle specially after nerfing sunny.

Mechanism to enforce fights »»» the mechanisim is even related with suggestion 1

After nerfing sunny + val transq in the next patch

Behemoth will be more viable .

And . other monsters generally will have a better chance to win the match

I think Those suggestion should be considered

I am sure it will bring and retain all players that invested in this game and loved it but hate that monster can avoid fights whenever they want

This will help pubs as well as ranked


After dealing with chase comps, i think the game experience will be much better and the monster won’t HAVE to run and hide til stage 3 just to stand a chance?


Like others have noted previously in other similar threads (I believe @niaccurshi in particular), it’s a system designed to put you at the right rank and keep you at the appropiate skill level, it’s not something people should see as a ladder that they have to climb.

That said, I do feel that progression is still something that should be a possible option and at the moment it evidently is not.

Those 2 points are certainly what’s killing ranked mode for most players, I agree with you 100% on that. Hunt 2.0 tries so hard to be taken seriously but then fails to put in any effort on its own end.
You can spend hours upon hours of good matches and then lose all the points you gained in 1 match that you lost because you got matched with a Monster from another continent while you were all stuck with 200 ping, for example.

It’s these sorts of things, among crashes, bugs and mismatched skill levels (low playerbase-related perhaps, see the cycle here?) that cause ranked mode to be nothing more than a joke you should not take too seriously, even if it’s designed to be.

If I really were to point at specific suggestions for improvement, I’d say:

  • Remove wildlife buffs.
  • Take average ping experienced during the match into account when calculating points bonus/penalty at the end.
  • Implement a system already that doesn’t punish players who didn’t disconnect deliberately or lose but instead got kicked or had to leave due to a bug. Stop making up excuses about how that’s impossible because it’s not. Players don’t want to be punished by the game for its own faulty programming.
  • Determining Rank in the team? Point loss should be at least 50% less severe should you lose that match.
  • Take Monster stage into account. Stage 1 wipe is a huge bonus score for the Monster while likewise the Hunters won’t lose as many points if they had some good fights but in the end lost to a stage 3.
  • If the above proves too complex, make the point bonus/penalty related to the amount of health left on the Monster. It’s not an enjoyable experience to lose 10 points after a match where the Monster only barely won with a sliver of health left.


I have written some threads (or answered to some) on this forum to express my disappoitment in regards of the balance of the game.

Some smart players on this forum claimed that i was wrong to say that the game was monster favored at higher level…

Well this graphic is just showing one thing : I was right.

When a player monster has experience (level 40), he get a win rate of ~70%.

All the last patches have been made to nerf the hunters… It was a bad choice.

It’s the main reason for quitting, the game is unrewarding and unbalanced.

The graph is for version 6.0.1 or something but well, there hasn’t been that much balance changes in the last patch.


Works awesome with 85% win ratio as monster :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, indeed and the unrewarding ranking system…


I believe most of the ranking mismatches and “wrong points awarded” are due to the rankings themselves.

Too many inactive players results inaccurate rankings because most players dont get the rank they deserve. Make ranks decay and see how that works out for the rest point-wise. Only then adjust if needed.


They will still run

In ranked + pubs


To be fair, the game’s Quick Play queuing system and just the general lack of coordinated Hunter teams even at “high level”, result in the inevitable result of high skilled Monsters fighting average joe Hunter teams that never played with each other before.

That’s not to say the balance of the game should be balanced solely around ESL results because that would ruin the game for casual players, but saying 70% win ratio makes Monsters stronger than Hunters is somewhat of a silly conclusion to draw from that information.


There will always be monsters that run until level 3 and you can’t stop that completely, but most monsters like myself would rather fight. You just CAN’T fight against a comp that is to strong you can’t hurt any of them, a team that are very aggressive in the chase and that keeps you from even feeding so you can’t get any armour. In those circumstances its just a boring chase game, trying to avoid conflict and trying to level up as quickly as possible to even stand a small chance!

Personally when the team is too strong and aggressive, I just go in and end it quickly or just give up because its very stressful to be chased down into the ground. It’s not fun at all when you can’t progress. :frowning:


This is so you will play for longer and it will give you more wins than loses, so you will have more fun.

This may be a bug…? The system judges your points by what rank they are and who won. If a Bronze skilled loses against a Gold Destroyer (they won’t ever get matched, it was just an example) then they shouldn’t lose many points.

Same as above.

This is basically the same as your first point. [quote=“TatzyXY, post:1, topic:79679”]
You can be the best medic for example with really good healing but is doesnt count only a win counts not your personal performance.
Don’t play with pubs. Get a team, play a few matches in Quick Play until you get your preferred roles/characters/strats. Then go into ranked and talk.


I don’t buy games for multiplayer and to be the number one ranked person online, I do it to have fun so maybe many people are frustrated with the ranking system but I think it’s only you who thinks people quit Evolve for this.


i think ranked mode is a big issue, a lot of people just prefer playing ranked… they like the competition and want something to work on, it makes the games more interesting for them. and they want to play hunt and not defend or arena, and get their pref role. a lot of them care about points too… it doesn’t make sense when i win as silver master against a gold expert monster and get 5 points, when i lose to a gold skilled i lose 3 points… i stopped caring about this points… but imo it doesnt make much sense.

but bigger problem than points are the waiting times. i believe more people quit because they have to wait so long for a game.


I must agree with some things of this post, here’s my terrible experience as hunter in hunt 2.0 in short: i keep being matchmaked with ppl around my rank (5 star bronze) that have absolutely NO CLUE of how to play this game, i mean the simple basics, (don’t shoot the monster from afar or you will alert and make it run away etc) and i keep losing for this ofc, even with rly noob monsters. This makes me rank down alot, and the more i rank down, the more unable players i get, making me lose more. It’s a vicious circle that i can’t stop.


How about just add rankless hunt mode?


What’s funny is how much those graphs lack context. Who are those monsters facing more of? Level 40s or people lower than them? All this shows is that once they gain experience is that they are generally a pub stomper once you look at the specifics which for whatever reason you left out(maybe because it goes against your basis :wink:)

Also why are you using outdated graphs?

We have seen actual context of what W/L ratios monsters have when we actually see an even match up and this might even have proof thanks to the telemetry system.

Context sir, your basis lacks it and is a strawmans argument.

How about this. I am level 40 and do manage a 70% W/L as a Goliath main but what happens when I face a team that is in gold like I am? It comes down to the wire and hell I have lost 20 games to these players mainly due to balance issues such as chase comps. Anecdotal I know but at least you see I have a different basis with context that is also supported by ESL and TGL results as well. If the comp isn’t chase I usually have a decent chance at winning if I play everything right. See how the dependence of what comp they choose likely pushes my odds down significantly? Just because you win a lot at lvl 40 doesn’t mean the game is in your favor.

Makes you wonder why they aren’t doing anything if monster are winning this much. Oh right because they see what is actually happening paired with their telemetry and competitive games. For whatever reason PS4 stands out the most as monster favored and I will keep the reason to myself just to not cause a flame war.


The majority of people on ps4 just suck. I honesty couldn’t tell you why.