Players not doing their job


ive was just in a game where the support player wasnt using any of his abilities and wouldnt follow when we were hunting the monster, and since our trapper was killed, we were a two man team. the point is, if you arent going to play, at least back out


Sometimes you just get players who don’t play, it happens and it sucks.

that’s life.


Yeah happens sometimes in this game. Sometimes players act that way when they don’t get the class they wanted.


Unfortunate truth lol Reminds me of CoD when you split up on teams then opens up friendly fire by nading you. Thankfully you can’t have friendly fire in this game lol aside from hank’s nukes that are an annoyance when misplaced.

Some people live to troll and no multiplayer game is safe from it :’(


I also keep getting these kinds of players. Still don’t understand why there is no vote kick option.