Players not aware Lazaraus can revive with no strikes

It happens to me all the time. Players just reviving other hunters when Lazarus is perfectly able to do that. I constantly tell at the beginning of a match not to forget we have Lazarus in team. Yet there are still revives with strikes. I cant even with those players… What can I do to stop them from reviving besides from typing and yelling not to?

You can just stop healing and reviving them altogether.

As soon as they start insulting you for it, you’ve proven that they can in fact speak and understand English, at which point it’s basically a free pass for you to unleash your deserved fury in the chat.


You’re a genius.

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But if i stopped healing them, then i wont win a match all by myself and i will lose my ranking.

Tell them how the device works so that they can better understand why they’re not supposed to revive. Don’t be angry about it and a lot of people will be grateful for that. There’s a lot weird gadgets in Evolve to keep track of.


Talk/type to them pre-game/dropship/early-game (faking over the top enthusiasm/fandom) about how you love playing Laz because it means you can revive downed hunters with no strikes, and casually throw in a reference to other people reviving downed hunters, e.g ‘At least the number of people who rez a downed person while I’m playing laz has gone down recently, because that was soooo annoying’

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Yaeh, and I think the the Laz device is the weirdest and most vital one to know about of all. Infact, I actually think that there should be a video on first login about it, so that everyone knows how he works, because his ability is really game changing.

Once I joined a random arena game as trapper with 2 incapped players right in front of me, seconds from death. I thought oh snap i better get these guys up.

As i start rezzing one player I hear on the mic

“Nooooooo, wait for lazarus!!”

then i hear a different player…

“Its ok, it’s ok”

i thought, f*ck it, im helping them anyway i just joined and i have NO idea whats going on

after I finish the first rez I see “Medic is Dead”, lazarus was getting focused

I rezzed the other player and we had enough dps together to win

Then I hear the Laz player on the mic

“no guys he did good”

and that was the ONLY time for me not waiting for laz was a good idea, and won us the game


I joined in game once and didn’t pay attention to the fact we had Laz so I revived daisy and almost revived someone else till they spammed chat, and I was like’…crap

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Yesterday I was in a party of 4. Our Laz went down. Our support went to him, started to get him up, then stopped and went away. Laz died.

Afterwards he told us, while he started to get him up, he remembered we had Laz on the team and that he shouldn’t be the one getting anyone up, because it will only cause a strike… Not knowing it WAS Laz laying right in front of him.

Yea, he was a bit confused, but we had a good laugh xD


I like that idea

Like the video tutorial?

If only we could make everyone watch those, they’re both short and informative…

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Not informative enough, I’ve seen Laz players revive someone without a glove before. I feel like if they start to do tha Clippy should pop up and say “I see you’re trying revive someone, let me help you with that”.

Yeah, I ran into a dude who was trying to revive people while I was Laz, luckily we won. So, I messaged him afterwards trying to be nice and telling him how the device works, to punish the monster when someones down, to try to keep Laz alive, focus of dodging etc, and he actually thanked me for it! Never before has anyone been thankful or even just plain nice after I message them.

The best thing was, he started playing way better in the next match because of it. You should always ry the peaceful, nice approach before you berate them for sucking.

As far as when is the right time to pick someone up even if you have a Laz on the team…

As a rule of thumb, I will never pick someone up, unless:

  • 2 people are down, or a second person is about to go down nearby.
  • Lazarus is getting hard focused and we can’t help him and the monster still has a lot of armor or has a chance to try and close out the game.
  • We don’t need to worry about strikes, probably because the monster has low health.

One thing for sure is that there’s almost no hard and fast rule, it’s all very subjective and you need to make the right play based on exactly what is happening. You can only do your best in high-stress situations. You’re going to make sub-optimal decisions in hindsight, like if 2 people go down, and you pick one up, but Laz was so skillful he eluded the monster in his own, then you’ve just caused an unnecessary strike. What you definitely can work on mitigating is picking people up when there is no threat (monster blows up trapper, but then runs away. / Someone dies to wildlife.)

@turwaith Some people think that it’s a passive effect (because it’s a glove) and they don’t know to switch to it. Or they switch to it, and revive normally, misunderstanding how to activate it. I think it would be best if TRS did tweak the glove so that it would automatically switch to it and use it instead of allowing you to pick people up classically.

A few things need to be explained at least once in an unskippable video, like what to do when laz is on the team, what sunnys jetpack booster does ( ive had tonnes of matches with randoms who would run and jump and look for ways around cliffs, while being boosted ), the fact that shooting the monster gives it stamina, how the pause timer system works and so on

That’s actually a very good point, I don’t think this information is anywhere in the actual game.