Players In Party Locked Away From Monster


So I just made my account and am instantly creating a topic, for that I do apologize but having just discovered this bit of information I really felt like I had create a topic.

I was browsing the forums and came across the Big Alpha FAQ. Within that FAQ I saw this:

[QUOTE]Can I party with a friend playing as the Monster?

You CAN have the Monster and Hunters in a party and go to “Custom Game” where you can play any mode, modify a bunch of variables, etc. This a place for your and your buddies to play the game any way you want.

In the pubs, partied players can only be Hunters. This helps keep cheating/griefing to a minimum as well as increases the number of Hunters in the matchmaking pool.[/QUOTE]

This has really caught me off guard. I never expected for a party to be locked away from some of the content in the game. It just seems like an incredibly shortsighted solution to me.

Let me just say that I love what you guys at Turtle Rock are doing with Evolve. It looks unique, interesting, fresh, fun and all the other things that a new IP should look like. I also love when developers will do what they can to help negate the causes and effects of cheating, griefing and exploitation.

With that said though I come away from this feeling massively disappointed. I understand the logic in trying to prevent negative outcomes but this seems to be coming at a cost that far outweighs the benefits, at least in my opinion. In reality this is essentially a dealbreaker for me. I play with two friends regularly and knowing that none of us can be the monster when we play together (unless we play 2v1 custom games which seems pointless) just destroys any and all hype that I have for Evolve.

Not only do I love being able to play with my friends but there is a special experience to be had when you can play against them in a public environment (free for all in other shoots for example). Knowing that Evolve is not going to offer that experience makes it a difficult game to really get behind. The entire basis of the game is its 4v1 aspect and unique approach to multiplayer gameplay. I was very much looking forward to experiencing that unique approach with my friends both as the Hunter and as the Monster. Having half of the game sealed away from me when I choose to play with friends takes a lot of that uniqueness away.

It’s possible that I’m in the minority on this and realistically I probably am. Regardless I hope that you guys at Turtle Rock will reconsider this design decision. I respect that you’re trying to prevent cheating and griefing but I also hope you will realize that this is also coming at a cost and one that is penalizing players that like to play with friends. As it stands now, if this system is something you deem important enough to keep in the final game then I’m really left with no choice but to cancel my preorder and I don’t mean that as any kind of threat, rather it’s merely just the reality of the situation I’ve been put in by this. I know you’re just trying to protect your player base but I hope that with this post (or others) that you will realize that you’re also punishing a portion of your player base as well.

All the best,


I think it needs to be confirmed whether or not randoms can come into your custom game. @MacMan When you say Custom Game is that allowed to be set to public? ie a person has 2 friends that make a party of 3 people so they can be monster off and on, can the game be set to Public and 2 other people come in to fill the teams or would those 3 people essentially have to play with bots as @BananasWithGuns stated 2v1 in the “Custom Game” mode?


I feel like there might be a misunderstanding of the system here, but I’ll let @MacMan tackle this one.


From what I understand, they just wanted to make sure that the public “hunt” mode wasn’t being abused. It is to ensure that people aren’t greifing others online by feeding the other team info, or intentionally aiding the other team. That being said if you want to play that way, you can make a custom game, which will have no drawbacks. In a custom game you advance your masteries and everything, so really it is just a way to protect the random pub user


What about a game mode that doesn’t give you xp or anything and the risk of being trolled etc. can be a solution to this problem.


Hopefully that’s the case and I’m just making all the wrong assumptions here. Evolve looks like a fantastic game and I’d love to be able to have the full experience with friends.


Hi Jacob. We are aware that there is a real cost there and it is not set in stone, but you are correct about the current plan and the reason for it.

Originally we did allow it, but we asked a lot of players if they would be o.k. with matchmaking into a game where the Monster and some of the Hunters were friends in a party.

Most players were unhappy with that idea. Besides “cheating” (a Hunter throwing the game so his buddy can get the win) there is also the concern of achievement/mastery/progression farming. You don’t want to matchmake into a server where the Hunters are just standing there letting the Monster deal damage with different abilities to earn his mastery.

You will be able to play any game mode with your friends in a private server and empty slots will be filled with bots. The bots are pretty competitive and you can also make game balance adjustments if you want/need to. And you can “invite” anyone else into your server. For example, if you’re in a steam group (I’m in four Evolve groups!) it should be easy to invite people.

We just want other players who are doing normal matchmaking to reliably get into legit games.

We have discussed allowing players to browse custom games and join them if they want to (provided the custom game was set to “open”.) Don’t know if that’d suit your fancy or not. Let us know though. We are definitely interested finding the best solution.

Custom game match making?

As long as the lobby was clearly labeled in the ui as custom so nobody could wander in unwarned, or deceived by a strange lobby title I’d say the more options the merrier.


I agree with the current model and normally when playing with friends I should be able to fill a group to 5 so it wouldn’t be a problem. That being said, I’d definitely love an open or public setting reminiscent of l4d and the last spot or two could just fill with people if available if there’s not enough.


This is really good info and very helpful. Appreciate the open, honest conversation.


Yep I feel the same way that while ranked matches and the like have the proper system, there needs to be a mode where I can play with a friend and some strangers and still have the opportunity to be monster.

The question is though – Will we still earn progression towards unlockables, at the very least at a slower rate, in custom games? Because if not I’ll just be sitting there in a party with my friend as we play separate ranked matches or I’ll simply be playing by myself and it’ll really lose a lot of the excitement for me.


“In the pubs, partied players can only be Hunters. This helps keep
cheating/griefing to a minimum as well as increases the number of
Hunters in the matchmaking pool.”

This is the necessary solution to avoid boosting, when achievements become pointless. I hope you keep this system, and progression remain fair in this game.


You do earn the same stuff in custom games. No difference.

How to make it difficult to stat-pad in this game

I love Turtle Rock Studios then and have no qualms with it at all.


Just to clarify, i able to play with friends (4 hunter + monster) in custom game mode and i progress through for achievements, new hunters, perks, etc…?


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I completely understand the reasoning for your decision. You just want to protect your player base and I can’t hold that against you. Even still I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t disappointing since being segmented away from the public player population isn’t something I find enticing.

Regardless though, I’m still excited to get some hands on time with the alpha and beta and I will undoubtedly keep tabs on the game, and this situation specifically, in hopes that you will reconsider your decision but no matter what you end up deciding in the end I still hope Evolve does well and surpasses all expectations as the game looks incredible and definitely deserves success.


Yes. It’s just not in matchmaking/ranked so people cant boost their friends sky-high onto the ladder.


Maybe this should be the difference? If cheating/achievement grinding are the reasons to restrict this, why not make it so that this mode (Free For All or something) doesn’t count towards progress or achievements. Have a disclaimer that states this when you choose the mode. Maybe this solves @BananasWithGuns issue and keeps a more relaxed queue of gamers who aren’t interested in being the top player.


I understand, but this way small parties rushes through on achievements or any accomplishment needed for new hunter tiers, monsters, upgrades… I accept that, but personally i prefer more where this is not allowed. Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:


I’m curious if you can provide an example of a recent game where you can search with a party of friends in matchmaking and end up on opposite teams. I can think of a few times this happened to me in games like COD:MW and MW2, but it was only in the first round of the game joined due to it being in progress, after which the party would always be on the same team. I’m not trying to attack you here, I’m just curious which games do this.