Players going to IDLE



Just joined today and wanted to touch base on hunters (players) going to IDEL. I find this more common than usual. I find when playing as monster and hunters have a hard time finding me, players switch to IDEL. Or “Taking A Break” this is very frustrating as a sneaky monster player as I am. Not sure if most of you are aware, by going to IDEL or “Taking A Break” the bot sees through bushes and always knows where you are. I am a Wraith player at heart. I can’t enjoy most games and play Wraith to its full potential as its meant to be. I’m not a boring Wraith player by any means. But when I want to be clever, and have the upper hand on a player I would like to feel confident that I can. Without someone going to IDEL. It isn’t fair. To think about it, If your taking a break, than either turn the game off or switch to another game. I don’t understand this feature under the options menu. Should be taken out.


It is taken out of Hunt 2.0 and left in Quickplay. The main reason is Quickplay is for Casual Fun and if you are a Hunter and one of the teammates has to “go to the bathroom” or just refuses to play they aren’t boned while you can just run around and free-farm.

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  1. The “Take a Break” feature is common in TRS games as in Left 4 Dead and Evolve.

  2. IDLE or “Take a Break” fixes many of the bugs that can be found in the game. Can’t evolve, no abilities, stuck in terrain, etc. It won’t be removed except for ranked where it can actually be a gamechanger for seeing in a bush or something.

  3. Going to the bathroom or any other thing that requires a small break this feature is amazing as it doesn’t completely screw over your team.

It’s a fair feature and a great one at that and thus it is in the game. It is however, not in ranked for the reasons you stated, Bot Hunters are omnipotent.

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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling:

It may be worth you giving this thread a read. It’s a quick introduction on how to usevtge forum and what everything does.

Hunter's Guide to the TRS Forum - New User Help

The reason the ‘take a break’ feature is there is so if you absolutely need to be away from the game for even a minute then you can, without completely messing up the chances the hunters have at winning. A few people will and do abuse it for the reason you stated, but keep in mind that you don’t know for certain what the reason someone uses it actually is. It could be any number of things.

I know it is annoying when it happens at just the wrong time for you, but there isn’t much to be done about it without. If it wasn’t there then you’d just get a lot of players going afk instead of a bot taking over. I’d take a bot over no one at all. :wink:


Okay thanks, didn’t know it was taken out at Hunt 2.0. I mostly play quick play on PS4. I should be playing HUNT more often.

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Take a break is not available in ranked hunt for exactly the reasons you described above.
Quick play on the other hand is not to be taken too seriously.
When the round starts I can go idle while I invite friends or change some settings. I can also go idle when someone calls me, when my pizza is ready or when I need to get something to drink.
Going idle also fixes many bugs, such as being stuck in geometry, having no abilities as monster ect.
And when someone else has to leave their pc/console for a minute or so, I rather have a bot take over instead of having a character just standing still until reavers kill him.

All in all its a good feature and I rarely see it being exploited or something…
I like this feature in quickplay. I wouldn’t like it in ranked. And this is how TRS sees it, too.

Also, it's spelled idle, not idel. Changed the title for you ^^

Lmao yea I see that…haha thanks wow!


Believe me bots are not an issue if you are the monster

They are very easily destroyed

They don’t dodge normally - they only have 100% aim


Having “take a break” is nice but like I’ve said before the time allotted before they kick the idle player needs to be shortened.


I agree, their aim sucks and don’t dodge was well. I probably killed them quickly anyways before the rest of the hunters got to him/her. the issue is the bots see past the bushes for those that want to sneak. By then I’ve been spotted and given away cause of the bot. But I understand the purpose of it. Casual play isn’t for serious players. Players can’t sneak in this mode…ill just play more HUNT 2.0

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